Two more raffle winners.

I was bumming about the fact that after the initial rush of donations, my fundraiser for Wildthorne stalled at about $274. But then I decided that:
1) This money is still super helpful to her.
2)This means the amazing people that contributed have a huge chance of winning something cool.
3)All the prizes were things I was considering giving away anyways.
So I've decided to be OK with it. But really what it means is that my period came and I'm regaining my sanity. So in celebration of my sanity, I'm drawing two winners today. First this guy:
Rocket Kids beach glass charm with solder and ephemera.
Will be going to my good friend Emmannuelle!
Sale. The Faithful. Asymmetrical assemblage art statement earrings. Antique vintage recycled, orange ivory gold.
And this pair will be going to Claire Fabian. Etsy convo me with your address so I can mail them to you and thank you so much for donating!


Saraccino said...

Oh, you made my day! :)

Thank you!


Jiorji said...

it's so great getting your period isn't it? it's like we're all raging demons who want to run everyone off the road(what?!?! no...i never thought of doing that...) and then you get your period and it's like...awww KITTENS!! life is so magical isn't it??
it's bullshit is what it is!

maybe do a reminder info post about the raffle?

Wildthorne said...

Thank you again Fanci for holding this raffle for me, everything that you have done helps, and I am so very grateful. <3