My Anaconda Don't!

I got that song stuck in my head y'all. But actually the bluegrass version.

While busy writing my tute, I found myself sneaking in some making time.
Escape. Victorian tribal double lariat assemblage necklace in shades of amber gold yellow orange brown.
In fact, these three lariats here all include sea glass charms I made as samples of the decoupage variation in the tute.

I'm really loving the idea of lariats lately. They come together so effortlessly while evading the sort of pitfalls of regular ol' necklace shapes.

Maybe not pitfalls, I just bore easily. Why I'm always having to come up with something different- short attention span.

So I took a break from tooting and listed these today. Wait. That's my idea of a break? What's wrong with me?
Latibule. Victorian tribal rustic assemblage lariat in ivory and orange amber.
Little Uruguayan charms and bits. Even the macrame cord was from a street artisan I met in Tacuarembo, the town my dad's family lives in. People there have a very well-deserved reputation for thinking their little village is the center of the universe.Suton. Long rustic salvaged tin earrings with crackle art beads.
The tin above I got in Montevideo, but it's from a box of Chinese tea so it's traveled the world. Isn't that amazing though?
I cut out these teeny bits of old Meyercord waterslide decals I got from TeapotsandTelephones. Thing is when I sealed it with Varathane, the pattern of the tin sort of revived and became much more visible. So Imna have to experiment more with that stuff on old tin, on chain, on everything.
Order and Harmony. Rustic assemblage art earrings with enameled plaques biwa pearls and rutilated quartz
Order and Harmony.
As you can see I got a zillion of these little plaques so I'm keeping on making these earrings as long as they keep on selling. In fact I've been enjoying very steady sales lately, for which I'm so appreciative. Humbled. Between that and the exercise I can almost convince myself I'm a normal, functional human being. I went to a cycling class on Monday!!! My poor butt.

Now lookit:

Happy pumpkin month everybody.


Wildthorne said...

So pretty fanci! I love the delicacy of these lariats and that little pretty purple horn <3, you always conjure magic my friend.

Juliette said...

LOVE your lariats. Some designs I see just don't work, but yours do.

OMG, the ginger cat just bitch slaps the other cat instead of getting mad at the squirrel. crazy!!

I got dive-bombed by a woodpecker yesterday. Wish I had a picture of it!

Louise said...

This is some of the most beautiful work I have seen of yours Marina. You must be in a good place in your life, all things aligned. Just love the necklaces!

Anonymous said...

Those lariats are a wonder, loving the juicy pile up of beads in them. My cats just bitch slap everytime they meet!

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh my WORD! Miss Fanci, these are AWE-to the double-SOME! I have been playing around with faux opal and all manner of glitter-mess-making and I am so crushing on these. I have been on self-imposed blog hiatus and haven't been up to speed on all my favorites, so I had to go back and read a few of your more recent entries. All great work! Love the amber-ish poly nuggets. Love the lariat style. Love these Starry Shards! You always intrigue, inspire and amaze me. Enjoy the day. Erin