Randoms, more rafflage

Look at all this mess I listed.
Paralian. Rustic lariat with graduated art bead pendants.Papa y Mama. Rustic assemblage victorian tribal double strand lariat vintage antique gypsy.Dirty Snow. Rustic Victorian tribal lariat in ivory cream.
        Paralian.                                       Papa y Mama.                                  Dirty Snow.
Dwale. Rustic tribal organic lariat in shades of brown and russet.Wayward Lover. Rustic Victorian tribal lariat in white.Aubade. Victorian tribal lariat in pale blue with celluliod bird and chandelier crystal.
           Dwale.                                        Wayward Lover.                             Aubade.
Sabaism. Iridescent rustic assemblage lariat necklace.Order and Harmony. Rustic assemblage art earrings with white enameled plaques. 47/48The Silent Figure. Rustic shoulder dusters with salvaged tin and Nepalese coral and turquoise beads. Long statement earrings.
             Sabaism.                                 Order and Harmony.                    The Silent Figure.

Have I mentioned I'm nuts for lariats lately? Can you tell?
Now look at these babies:

The next prize, this ring, goes to: Darlene Fortier! Please etsy convo me to send me your address.

I want to share random things from Tumblr now.
brokendildo: "my friends cat had surgery and now he has no pants"
No, but really, I'm obsessed with this cat and his naked belly and drumstick haunch.
Spiced Coconut Chia Seed Pudding
Don't know if you can tell by the randomness but I got my period, got back to Zumba and feel ten billion times better. Also I've discovered chia seed pudding, the easiest to make healthiest thing ever. I might live on just chia seed pudding from now on.
(OK, it's not the most beautiful stuff. Photo.)


Emmanuelle said...

Hey fanci-chia-zumba-wonderwoman, that pudding looks terrible indeed, but why not. Though I did taste some bread containing chia seeds and I thought it tasted like rotting vomit (yes that's a thing) so I probably won't give the pudding a try. :)
Your stuff is gorgeous as usual. I just keep drooling.

TesoriTrovati said...

What if I see Marilyn Monroe with a mustache? ;-)
Lovely, all of it. I am on a long necklace kick myself. Can't stop making them. Made one last night that by accident converts to short as well. Double the trouble in my book. Love the ring! Great bits poking out there! Always a treat to stop in and see what you have been up to! Enjoy the day, Erin

RomAntiqueSoul said...

So I saw Einstein even though I'm near-sighted, then I remembered I have my contacts on so I crossed my eyes to make my vision blurry (thank God the thing they tell kids not to cross the eyes or they will stay stuck like that is true or I would have been cross eyed for a while now. Then once I was cross-eyed for a sec I saw Marylin...Am I weird? Oh well...

Also you should totally try to make vegan chocolate beet cupcakes, they are so yummy and healthy (or at least healthier than normal chocolate cupcakes)...


These guys make the most delicious yummies and they are SOOOOO GOOD! I'm gonna try some of their pumpkin recipies tomorrow....I can't get enough of pumpkin stuff this month and I can't keep eating Dunkin'Donoughts or else... O_o

angi eharis said...

My internet was down one week as recent hurricane messed up our wires, so fun to visit your blog and read all your pms stuff, wait till u hit menopause, I am in the middle of it and having out of body shit going on for years now, everyday lately I am fighting off the urge to kill my husband and feel like I am going to jump out of my skin, it is so much more insane than I ever realized it would be, just started homeopathy hormones so I am waiting, we are so cursed! F--- em' is all I can say, love all your recent jewelry, u are so freakin' talented, now I know why, u come from some really smart parents! That is your secret for pulling all this great creative stuff out of your brain! Aloha, angi in hana(and menopause hell)