Studio time!

Finally some time in the studio to get down with some makages.
Like this my latest giant lariat. It's all about lariats, ladies!
Don't know what to do with a bunch of components? Make a lariat! Don't know what to do about your employment status? Make a lariat. Don't know what to do with your unwanted pregnancy? Make a .... oh god. Oh, no, no, abort that thought. Ugh, unwanted mental image, more like. Just, don't make a lariat with your unwanted... ugh, I'm gonna just shut up now.
Phew, back on track. Here's another giant thing I never finished or listed full of Patroness beads.
Like these huge antique African Bauxite tubes.
Check this guy out. I love graduated sizes! You can actually see a lot of that in my lariat dangles as well. This guy is all about the graduation. Plus it incorporates some huge faux ancient polys that I didn't know what to do with.
As well as this cool-ass leather button from Uruguay. For this piece I wanted a really thick leather cord, but I didn't have anything like that so I just fucking made my own!!! I know! Just wrapped cord around other cord and used wire and also a bit of quick dry epoxy resin to keep everything in place on the inside. 
You know what's kind of amazing though? This was all this stuff I had just sitting around, including way too much leather cord. When you're inspired to make, it sure is different.
Even simple things are so fun and satisfying. Check out that sexy graduation.
So inspired to make was I that I didn't even mind going in and making a zillion of these designs that I have plenty of supplies for and sell well for me, which I think of as production work, as they call it in the art jewelry sphere.
Order and Harmony. (Some of these are listed, some not yet.)
 Like these little plaque guys.
 They're all a little different, with lots of beads from my Kathyhaul. (OMG I just realized Kathyhaul was over a year ago guys. Time is freaky.)
 And ear wires I fashioned from matte black eye pins that I hammered for strength.
 I'm even trying some out with these fatter plaques, see how they do.
Added some carved bone from Kathyhaul and such.
Some caged babies without the soldering, cuz why make more work for yourself if you don't have to? Like have you ever poked your nose into a jewelry making book and they always start out with showing you how to make jumprings? Even though you can get a thousand of them for a dollar? What is that? Time is energy people. Like, prioritize.
Some baroque pearl ones which I grunged up with gilder's and acrylic, since these beads were overly pristine.
Pair of starry shard babies.
Someone recently asked me if I ever have trouble photographing iridescent things, trying to capture the iridescence of something. What I do is I increase the saturation on the iridescent part until it conveys how it really looks in my hand. I end up having to decrease the saturation in the stuff around it though. 
 Though usually I have to drastically decrease the saturation, as my camera and photoshop conspire to make my subtle pictures more interesting.
 Here's some tin cones using my own polybabies, which I've really been enjoying now that I've destashed some and can look around a bit. As I pick these back up I'm like, "Damn straight I made these. They rock."
And finally these. OMG I suffered trying to find shit to put turquoise-and-red beads on to after buying a handful of these a while ago. Finally used them all up thank friggin god. Who came up with this damned combo? Of course, people who lived in subtle natural landscapes and so were drawn to bright colors that pop. 
.And yeah, I've been using these faux amberish polys in everything. It's like I recently discovered the red/brown/gold range of colors and everything works beautifully. 

I wanna thank you all for making the launch of my tiuute super awesome. As in the past, I turned off the 10% coupon after 48 hours, though in the past I gave a warning. This time I was keeping you on your toes? But the commenter coupons are still open. 
  Let us celebrate with cat gifs.
Oh also this thing because it made me laugh for 10 years:
Knowledge is power France is bacon - Knowledge is power France is bacon  Misc
France is Bacon


Louise said...

Marina, the first lariat is just exquisite! Love this new work of yours. Be proud! :)

Saraccino said...

Definitely sexy graduation! And also absolutely stunning :)

Anonymous said...

oh that's funny stuff! the babies awkward cancel that thought but show us dirty humans piggies crazy ha ha oops, but keep it in check but show a little very few of us can, so afraid

but you have a products too!, ah alas a good damn product interesting scintillating great .. it makes the world a little bit better place

thanks fsnciful devices, keep up the good work!

eric surrey

Chris said...

Caged earrings~~so so wonderful! No solder necessary. You want to hold them in your hand and turn them around and around. Well, maybe that's just me.

LOVED your comment about jump rings and saving time. Teach on!

Anonymous said...

Love the second graduated necklace with the leather and your polys; looks like ancient amber. The tin earrings are a wonder too.

Penelope said...

godfuckingdammit - i have been looking for cloisonne heart pendants like that for ages, and you had one in your box of junk all this time?! Frustrations!

Also, did you know there is a de/saturation brush in photoshop, so you can just de/saturate bits at a time and not the whole thing? Also, there might be an image adjustment on your camera; mine has this setting where it's like 'B&W, sepia, etc - and there's one for natural colour or intense colour, and i have that on natural, otherwise it goes to town with colour pick up and i be all like 'yo camera git over it' and the camera is all like HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PURPLE OMG

Those graduations are gallery-level good.

Juliette said...

gorgeous necklace with the leather. WOW.

Oh, and France IS Bacon, definitely! Still laughing. Did you see the new taxidermy that the Bloggess got in the mail? http://thebloggess.com/2014/10/how-can-you-say-no/

Jiorji said...

ugh yes!!! the chunky necklaces are back! thank goodness because the world NEEDS them!

Lela said...

There's always great, fun stuff to see on your blog. And I'm watching every single episode of Parks & Rec on Netflix. I never watch television - didn't even know it (Parks & Rec) existed. I can't get enough now!

RomAntiqueSoul said...

I love all of it! you're so inspiring, I wish I had half the courage you have in experimenting (slowing letting go of the stiffness)! All of it is so magical! Great job Marina...Creativity is power and France is bacon! (LOL)

shibui said...

Hey, I think you have some crazy gif playing in the upper left hand corner of your blog. I think its from an earlier post?

scissor pirate said...

I love the graduted sizing and the mix of ancient beads with your polys---SO GOOD. What are those sweet, roundish leverback earwires?The shape is so petite! Love them. Keep up the brilliant work.

Beatnheart said...


Beatnheart said...

Love the graduation too...
I made the faux amber poly mer about a year ago with alcohol inks...whata fun messy project...not as cool as yours though....
love the kitten as per usual.

Thoughtfulhands said...

You've been crazy-busy, loving all those earrings especially the tin cones.

Emmanuelle said...

Wow all that new awesomeness! You goddess!! lol
Made my little contribution for your artist friend. Every bit helps right.