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Exiled Stars. Tribal Victorian Ethnic Religious Assemblage Earrings.
Exiled Stars.
I've just listed these.

Exiled Stars. Tribal Victorian Ethnic Religious Assemblage Earrings.

I've also just finished but not listed this necklace.

I feel like this is a special necklace, potentially very symbolic to the person who buys it.
I pulled out all the stops, packing it with special bits. 

Like here is an oragami lily made of copper mesh that my friend sent me, and a couple of roman glass beads on strands of moonstones, vintage amber glass tubes and Mali clay.
I feel reluctant to list it! Like it's just going to be another too-expensive-for-anyone-to-buy piece that sits in the shop forever. And I'm not ready to subject it to that yet.

But if I sent it somewhere for publication, it would be out of my sight for forever. Sigh. I'll decide in a day or
What else? I'm working on..... a manifesto!
Is that not redonk? An artist with her manifesto. Sheesh. Thing is, it's not like an "Art Manifesto." It's more like a declaration to all silly craft bloggers like me. About ideas, culture and theft.


Regina said...

Love the necklace, love the details. There will be someone who will take a look at it and say ' I just gotta have that!'

Penelope said...

I INSIST that you list that necklace. At the price I convo'ed you with. MINIMUM. It will be the jewelled crown on the head of your store, people can admire it and gaze on it's beauty and then eventually someone will come along and throw a bag of gold at you.

richelle said...

I agree that it should be listed. if you didn't begin it with the notion of submission, you might always feel its loss or that you made the incorrect choice. You could always do both--if your instinct is that it's going to hang around the shop and not sell, the worst that can happen is that it gets in a million treasuries and has a million hearts, which of course ultimately translate into good things. It's for sure a signature piece, and it should be in your shop. If it doesn't sell in 6 months (or whatever) send it in. You could still use the image somehow, in your banner or something. It's really exceptional.

stregata said...

OMG - this totally takes my breath away!!! EXCLAMATION POINT.

Flotsam Tide said...

fanci that necklace is incredible! List it please, it belongs in your shop!!!!

Janet said...

Yowza! This necklace is spectacular enough to be on the cover of book #1! It's definately a statement piece. The statement piece? Yeah it's stating, " hey Fancy, I really really want to be on the cover of that book you're itching to write.". (not the manifesto you're working on, cuz well, that smacks of the unabomber. Not really a manifesto you say? A declaration. Yeah, declare that you're writing that book we all want to buy from you!!) Love that you included the origami flower in it, shucks, you make me feel all special.

Louise said...

In the midst of all this grungy lushness I can't help but stop my beady eyes catching hold of that giant rock solid shiny gold circle that's got a tight hold on your finger. Is this love? She wears bright gold... I'd never have thought (I really thought you'd be adding a patina to your wedding ring...) maybe its not your wedding ring... who knows. Oh, and I love your new pieces! :)

Anonymous said...

Manifestos now there's a thing, Karl Marx wrote one, he declared at the end of it that people should govern themselves. Such a dangerous idea, so he's words were twisted, re-interpreted, used to justify control and turned against him in ridicule. That necklace is your manifesto, it needs no words. Your book could be a travelogue through your culture, your country, your work and your creations littered with myths, poetry and scientific wonders.

Lela said...

Bottom line is... (well, bottom line is that I hate cliches like the plague)..but seriously, you're the only one who knows whether to list it or not. No doubt when you started making it, the plan was to list it...but somewhere along the way, it became a part of you. Even though you say you don't wear jewelry, this piece is actually a definition piece of all that you are. It's you. You say you "pulled out all the stops" and that you "feel like this is a special necklace very symbolic to the person who buys it." And that if you sent it for publication, it would be "out of my sight for forever." Won't that also happen if you sell it?

You better hang on to this baby until you're sure you can part with it.

I'm just sayin..... ;)

weird one said...

to list or not to list...okay maybe i've been studying too much nietzsche (or somebody) lately, but this piece absolutely totally completely defines you and your aesthetic. you are your art, your art is you.

after your manifesto (which I know we all want to read), create a book of photos of all your creations--sell it in your shop (I know we all would buy it)--maybe including a few instructional techniques? then put the picture of this magnificent piece on the cover. or better yet, combine the manifesto and the art book!

then put the picture of this magnificent piece somewhere in your shop--can you do that anywhere except the banner?--and put it on your blog so it can always be visible to declare "this is me."

and finally (phew) you can give us all the info on your techniques or tell us how to "simply" make something similar, but that just ain't hapnen. nobody does what you do and that's why we luvs us some fanci stuff. am i right guys?

did i leave anything out?

Janet said...

Wow! Did this necklace set a new record?! Listed and boom! Sold, seconds later! Guess that settled the dilemma quicker than you could have imagined, eh? Bet that feels great. :)

Carol J said...

Holy Crap, Taurus Metaphysical sold already! thats great! loved it.

Petra Carpreau said...

Oh - I'm late on parade here - you put it on - and now it's gone? I feel quite sad for some reason. Obviously it went to a very loving home though. I'm with the weird one - book, manifesto (intriguing stuff indeed),beautiful photos, instructions - yep, the whole works - give us the lot! It'll be a best seller. Thank heavens for your blog keeping Taurus Metaphysical here for us all to goggle at in awe and wonder.

Lela said...

Sold! Good for you..and it...and the buyer. :)