Random Bits Before I Leave Civilization.

Dorland's Wax Medium image"The choice of professionals worldwide! When mixed into oil colors, this non-yellowing wax and resin mixture strengthens the paint film against shrinkage and cracking, sealing out dirt, air and moisture. Dorland's improves luminosity and clarity of all colors with no chance of muddiness ...." blah blah blah...
I actually have that huge 45 pound drum of it pictured here. See, once upon a time, long before fanciful devices was even a glint in my eye, I had a dream of being an encaustic superstar. Encaustics are a mess and unless you have a whole studio with amazing ventilation, just... ugh.
After all that was over, I still had all the accouterments. I was on Keith Lo Bue's site, the part that described his workshops, and what do I read in the list of supplies to bring? Dirt. So I started rubbing things in dirt but then there was loose dirt all over everything. 
In a moment of brilliant brilliance I suddenly remembered this monster jug of goop I had and rushed to mix some with the dirt right out of my avocado tree's pot. (I have this tree my father grew from an avocado pit, like 27 years ago.) From that moment, little by little, I discovered that there's nothing this stuff won't do. Marital problems? Rub some wax medium on it. Only recently, after deciding to reveal my magical wax, did I actually bother reading the label. There I was surprised to find: "Excellent for .... metal objects.... Unexcelled as a protective and permanent sealing medium." So it's not like I discovered a whole anything.
Still doesn't explain why I have the 45 pounder. See, I got this gift certificate... whatever.
I have to go pack. I'm going to Wisconsin for my niece's 3rd birthday. Just writing that I'm overwhelmed with a sense of cuteness. Like the cuteness of turning 3 or something.
So everyone just chill while I'm gone and when I come back I'll tell you more stuff.
While I'm gone here's some clicks to click, all recently discovered via Brown Paper Bag.

Everything in Sabine Timm’'s  Flickr is amazing. Check out her beach garbage critters, her mini interiors and her sketchbook.         table babes
Carl Cupboard has a red petorganized mishmash

Collage constructions by Jacob Whib­ley.
 Check out his Flickr.Jacob2Jacob5
And this is Dan Rocca
just nothing
just nothing
Oh, and a parrot fell in love with this watermelon half.


Dale said...

ooo... this wax seems exactly what i need! Wonder where i could pick it up... (i live in korea)

Spirited Earth said...

party like a 3 year old..

Petra Carpreau said...

Love that parrot!!!