New Photos

-Now with even more Sparrow Glow!
I have some awesome 'narratives' for my item listing given to me by a new etsybud, HappyFallout.

It all started when I got a mysterious comment that started, "I'm an astrophysicist lurker..."

I kept thinking, "Could I really have myself a real live astrophysicist reading my silly bloog?" Cuz I use lots of astronomy in descriptions. I find stuff that happens on such an unimaginably large and different scale, so far away to be extremely evocative. So I wrote her a note asking if it was so, and if she happened to have any other tidbits to share. Turns out she kept a file of just such bits! And she shared a ton. Squeeee!!!

 Though what was REALLY surprising was that she said she had just been about to convo me. She is a ceramics artist and made me a set of MATTE CERAMIC BEADS! After she'd read my many rants about my hatred of all things shiny.

Can you believe?  I can't.
In addition, she apologized for any possibly confusing parts of her tidbits since, she said, English wasn't her 1st language. Which was shocking since I've been an ESL teacher for 14 years and I can tell you- her English is impeccable. In any case, one bit contained this sentence: "The electrons can only have discrete values of energy, corresponding to discrete orbits around the nucleus. "

 To which I responded:
"I'm going to just guess that when you say 'discrete values' and 'discrete orbits' that's science talk for 'specific values' and 'specific orbits'. I mean I know I've heard it in science talk before. In regular talk, discrete is , like, someone who can keep your secrets. Or like, if you order a sex toy over the internet it will come in 'discrete packaging'. It won't say 'BOBS WORLD OF DILDOS!' It'll be a plain box."
Patting myself on the back for that particular funny, I read this response in growing horror:
"Ms. Teacher, I think you are wrong about 'discrete'! Unless it's an American thingie, 'discrete' is the opposite of 'continuous', whereas sex toys should be packaged 'discreetly'. Look:

Yeah. Turns out there are 2 different words: discrete and discreet. And also, I'm retarded. Sure, nobody else here knew that about discrete, but y'all weren't all "I'm a teacher, let me edumacate ya!"
I mention this because I get so many lovely comments here about how awesome I am, it gets kind of intense. So I had to share a very un-awesome moment.
Telling everyone when I do something retarded somehow spreads my shame around, too. Cuz I was soooooo embarrassed!!! Ugh.

Anywhozits, I'm working on 2 more dramatic chokers like the above and another couple bangle piles. 2 of which are gonna be... (wait for it)... colorful.
This pile is actually spoken for, but that's just cuz it's the gal that got me started on these in the 1st place. Other than that, I'm actually taking a vacation from reserves. Reserves drive me nuts. I'm not doing any more til all my current reserves get bought up. In 5 years.


Corvid Delights said...

good lord woman fourth photo from the top! I love those colors and the raw crystals with the ceramic focal and carved netsuke. Your chokers are amazing. Oh wait... more intense flattery... hmmm you thinking that your reserves are going to take 5 years to be bought up is unrealistic, I see how quickly how your stuff moves. Nice stack... (that sounds wrong doesn't it.. :)

Emakesart said...

Those dramatic chokers are fantastic... what if you made big ol' wide dramatic bangles with the same feel... those colors and dangles!! Oh that would rock!! Dramatic Dangle Bangles. DOOOO IIITTTT!!!!


fanciful devices said...

HU! never thought of that. wow. something to mull over... would it even work? wouldnt you put someone's eye out w/such a dangling bracelet focal?
now i gotta think.
thank you for that!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Yeah dude, you are still smarter than most of the teachers I've met.

And I DIED when i laid eyes on that golden hued choker. If I were the kind of girl who wore chunky or chokers, I'd be all over that like stink.

Carol said...

WOW those were worth waiting for! Again hail Queen of Darkness!

Janet said...

Colorful bangle stacks?! Let me catch my breath. Ummmmm can't wait. Could it be because we haven't seen the sun for days now that Autumn has moved in here in the grey midwest? And we know that's our view for the coming months. Ugh. That's what I'm going with.
Reserves are driving you crazy, eh? But I've only done one....after you suggested I could. Really, just one, once. Let me go bang my head on the wall cuz those colorful bangle sets are gonna fly outta your shop and slip through my fingers again. So sad. Would love to get a shot at them. Hahaha so I hafta sit perched and ready to pounce on that " buy" button from now on? Ok if you insist :)

happyfallout said...

Thank you for all the kind words -- it was so fun meeting you!
I think that besides the fact that 'discrete' is a pretty specific term, it's usually easier to remember quirks of a particular language from 'outside'. Like in this pic: http://s3.amazonaws.com/iwsmt.smellmybacon.com/October-04-2011-21-46-41-ENGLISHISACRAZYLANGUAGE.jpg

Love the listings. They seem to come together with those puny factoids so well. And that Virgocentric infall necklace.. It's magnificent.

Emakesart said...

You're welcome!! I feel so honored that you're considering my idea ;-) Hmm... Put someone's eye out? It might, but it'd be worth it! Or just maybe not a long pointy dangle. Why am I even trying to solve the problem... you're a freakin genius... you figure it out! I can't wait to see what you come up with!