New Babies.

OK, here's what's new for this week.
Rooster in Light. Pearl and Celluloid Asymmetrical Colorful Kitch Earrings.
Rooster in Light.
So guys. I just got my visit from Aunt Flo, I feel ill from too much coffee and I may have just overdone it on Indian food... Uuuuugh.
That word is hard to elongate... 'Uuuuggggghhhh?' 'Uuuughghghgh?'

Rooster in Light. Pearl and Celluloid Asymmetrical Colorful Kitch Earrings.
Here's a kitchy fun pair of asymmetricals with a big fat pearl Corvid gave me, a rooster from Uruguay and one bright green happyfallout bead.

Ultimate Limits. Dark Victorian Tribal Dangles with Glass Opals.
Ultimate Limits.
I actually showed you these a while ago but they're back. One of my abandoned reserves.

Ultimate Limits. Dark Victorian Tribal Dangles with Glass Opals.

The Longing. Ceramic art beads, frozen charlotte victorian tribal rustic assemblage choker.
The Longing.
The Longing. Ceramic art beads, frozen charlotte victorian tribal rustic assemblage choker.I have a feeling this one's going to be popular because you girly girls love you a frozen charlotte. But don't forget to notice the happyfallout beads, the huge tourmaline... I'm not feeling settled about it though. The balance is off... Someone might want it as is but there's something off with the weight. I mean, the physical weight because the head wants to sink to the middle and then the thimble stops making sense. And then my sentence stops making sense.
I might rework it when I'm less menstrual.

The Longing. Ceramic art beads, frozen charlotte victorian tribal rustic assemblage choker.
Check this out though. See the letters stamped in the one under the thimbled one? It reads "enegma." No, not a typo. Rather, it's a play on something silly I once wrote here. Apparently I wrote "I'm an enigma wrapped inside an enema." So happyfallout commemorated that in this bead. Which makes me feel, I dunno, famous. 

Between the Stars.  Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Necklace.
Between the Stars.
Here's something with a miniature. It also includes an antique mechanical pencil, an 'icicle' from a Christmas decoration Sparrow sent me, a couple of gorgeous Victorian buttons and some gorgeous art beads. Oh and a 'Turkoman' metal button at the base of the hook.
Notice I've been doing some metallic leather cording lately? Well, I have.

Between the Stars.  Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Necklace.
I'm finding this more adorable that I should admit to finding my own creations. Surely when it fails to sell, I'll do a 180, but I'm going to enjoy it for now. yay.

Ghost of the Illicit Kiss. Rustic Pyrite and Chunky Ceramic Assemblage Choker.
Ghost of the Illicit Kiss.
This chunkiest of chunky pyrite was sent to me by my friend Anastasia I told you about that sent me all sorts of things? And I used a bunch of happyfallouts here. When I said the finish looked like charcoal she said it basically was, cuz she made them w/a raku process by which they end up coated in carbon. Sigh.... Sounds hard.

The locket dangle has some found poetry that explains the name. Justifies the name? Translates into the name? Whatever. Focal bead by Grubbi, tribal dangle thing sent to my by Sparrow, and I'm sure she has no recollection of it. I banged it into a flatter sort of thing.

Futility.  Black and White Chunky Assemblage Tribal Necklace.
Here's one with a pocket watch frame to organize the focal. I havent done a circle under a horizontal line in a while. Pyrite and white beads from Anastasia, tooth and skull by happyfallout, and lovely talisman from a new discovery- Happy Mango Beads. Lots of happiness all around in any case.

Futility.  Black and White Chunky Assemblage Tribal Necklace.
Is it too busy? Cuz I kept the necklace part simple. Simple for me. Cuz I'm a complex lady. I'm an enigma wrapped inside... Oh wait, I already made that joke. But I dont' know if this one is trying too hard. Do you know what I mean?

Om Mani Padme Hum. Faceted Ceramic Art Bead Choker in Tribal Pastels.
Om Mani Padme Hum.
Musketeer. Figurine Ring.Oh I'm so ridiculously excited about this one. The graduated row of faceted pastel lovelies from SpiritedEarth. Nugget beach stone from somewhere on etsy. I rubbed it with dirtwax. African sandcast from HappyMango, as well as the long yakbone baby. And then my musketeer from Uruguay.

Everyone was crazy over this ring -->
I made with another figure just like it so I was saving this one for another ring, but it was just too perfect for this. So damned European and dark, it was the only thing that could balance all this tribal pastel.

Om Mani Padme Hum. Faceted Ceramic Art Bead Choker in Tribal Pastels.
In fact I saw a number of these musketeers while I was there, but didn't think I'd need to stockpile. Now that I'm no longer teaching (day job) I'm burning through my haul so fast I'll surely have an excuse to go back much sooner. So next time I'll have to keep an eye out.

Oh! I forgot to tell y'all: 4 days ago was the 3rd birthday of fancifuldevices, my shop and super hero alter ego. Only my dad remembered, cuz I sure didn't.  Sweet, hu?


stregata said...

I hardly know where to start...
Well, first, congratulations on 3 years +! Keep it up.
The frozen charlotte bracelet is fantastic - because not girlie at all. Love it. 'between the stars' and 'futility' are awesome - I love the circles and the lines...

Lela said...

I love the little musketeer guy. He looks so cool - like he's guarding the necklace!

mermaiden said...

yes,i'm quite enchanted by the musketeer as well! and the mini broom made me smile. see? =D

happyfallout said...

Love all of these. You have the rare talent to make strange things come together.
And that rusty nail in a necklace is an awesome invention!

Flotsam Tide said...

Well happy belated birthday to fancifuldevices! I was in San Francisco last night and in the car I was talking about you, and my friends had to pause and ask me "Wait, wait is her name really Fancy?" Then a long explanation ensued.
The way you suspended the musketeer in his wire harness looks really cool.
Composition on Between the Stars is gorgeous. I like the incorporation of the buttons and the tiny broom. Lastly those Rooster in Light earrings....eee!!!!! So pretty!

Jennifer Valentine Morford said...

sigh...i miss you.....
I was explaining your earrings to the nurses at the hospital with mem...had on my faves...
the ones with the yeller grapes...
the nurse was wondering why i wear your work when i make stuff myself...and I said, well, i could never make what she does...I'm a fanciful devices jewelry collector...
Your work is the most incredible functional art I've ever had the privilege of having.

Janet said...

3 years? Yay you!
The rooster earrings are brilliant! All of these new necklaces are fascinating, but the little musketeer necklace reminds me of those candy necklaces I loved as a kid. Cept it's sweet and edgy. I envision him getting a case of the munchies, snacking all the way up to the top pastel piece of candy. Charming.

Petra Carpreau said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to you!
Oh, I'm with Stregata on these. First the gut-wrenching perfection of Between The Stars, and then comes Futility! That one will haunt my dreams in the same way your homunculus continues to. I'm left just shaking my head in dumbstruck awe at it's inventiveness and savage beauty. That a rusty nail could do such things!!! Just amazing.

the auld weird one said...

happy happy! good heavenly days do you ever slow down? i'm with jen on this--i'm a total collector of fanci stuff.

Grubbi said...

Love what you did with my beads, great necklace, very imaginative piece!