I'm Back!!

Maidely Lake. Victorian Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack.

I could say I've been busy with Thanksgiving, and y'all wouldn't even question it, would you? After all this time together, you don't know me at all! 

Maidely Lake. Victorian Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack.
In fact, I've been having artistic ADD and working on multiple projects at once. You guys'll be pleased. More dramatic theeeengs.

Maidely Lake. Victorian Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack.
 Meantime, I made some more pale bangle stacks just for destash and because I'm going through withdrawal after all those big sales.
So here's the first one. It has some bits of color here and there.

As usual, I can't believe anyone would buy these for more than 10 bucks, but I priced it crazy high so Sparrow wouldn't scold me.
Maidely Lake. Victorian Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack.

Maidely Lake. Victorian Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack.

So, the second stack is this girly one:

Random strap of leather from white belt. Lots of white strings and cords. Plastic! And then lampwork and Czech glass and polymer and stones, too. So it's not all crap. And the plastic is vintage. *shrugs*

Oh man, I've had that damn fish forever.

I didn't bother buying a ton of fillers this time .... I got a life to live here. 

Like today I actually went to a movie for the first time in a couple years. Saw my 1st 3D and have the headache to prove it. Yup, had a hot date with my parents. I picked the movie Hugo and both of them really liked it which in my family is nothing short of a miracle. 
The last stack is the more rustic one. What else do I have to say about this? Not a thing.
So Louise, yeah, I been married for 6 years now. (I'm just now getting to the comments of the post before last.) I  wear a plain band from before I made jewelry. And I know it's good gold because after all the patina chemicals I've gotten all over it, it's still like new. If it weren't gold, it would have barnacles on it by now and not be so comfortable while working. 

Photographs from the blog becoming a book isn't doable, ye old weird one. Photos that are the right size for the websimacles are too small for physical reality. 
What else? Oh, anonymous! I don't think papaya was ripping off those photos as they're not pretending that they shot the pictures themselves. Being that they're a card company, they do have to keep an eye out for copyright. Moreover, just like some commenters say my style is easily recognizable, I think Anakata Katkin's is absolutely recognizable. She doesn't just slap the photo on a background (the way amateur collage makers tend to), but colors it, embellishes, incorporates and has fun with it. 

I dunno. That's just off the top of my head. Like, incorporate what has gone before to evolve what comes next. A ton of culture is accessible to us in our society so using images from the past feels very authentic to me, just like making fake old things that incorporate real old things and make new things look old feels somehow right too. Or whatever.

My husband just yelled over, "You peed a whole bunch last night, hu?"
So I should go since he's clearly trying to initiate a deep conversation.


Louise said...

What absolutely stunning bracelets you have been creating. What overwhelms me is the AMOUNT you churn out. I would love to see an amateur short film (the handycam resting on the table) of you working and making things, but on high speed. It seems like it! Gorgeous work, as usual. Of course you have the best wedding ring! Your husband did well there. :)

steufel said...

Oh my god! LOOOOOOOOVE them!

Jenny said...

Would you PLEASE not be so damn funny? How am I supposed to read your blog on the sneak at work, and then explain why I'm laughing out loud? None of my work is amusing in the least. This is awkward.

fanciful devices said...

I was just thinking how i was gonna let everyone down w/my lack of funny on this post. yay, happy me!

~Debi said...

I missed the "special" necklace being listed. I wanted to see how much you sold it for. Boooo!

Petra Carpreau said...

Dem bones! What kind of old bone is that in top pic? Bit of chicken? How did you prepare it for wear? I tried boiling some in salty water, but they were still honking afterwards.
How much fun do you have with that husband of yours?!! I laughed my chunk off about the crustacean conversation.