FAQs, Earrings, Ceramic Bead Wonderland

1- I added a FAQs column, lower left. And below that, a picture of what I actually look like. Did I use the blur tool to make my skin look extra creamy? Did I de-yellow my teeth? Nooooo, of course not! What, what makes you say that?
(Oh but the doggy's jowls are all him. It's why I'm cracking up in the picture.)

Cosmic Escatology. Pink GypsyAssemblage Earrings with Sequins.
Cosmic Escatology.

2- I got a butt load of new earrings to share.Enlightenment is the Absence. Recycled Tin Assemblage Hoops in Pink and Green.Enlightenment is the Absence. There were actually up before and somehow disappeared from the shop, the inactives or the sold section. Anyways, they're back.

Dark Flow. Dark Rustic Tribal Dangles with Spears and Rings.
Dark Flow.

Cosmic Foam. Antique Pottery Shard Earrings.
Cosmic Foam.
Many of the names of these were given to me by HappyFallout, which more about below.

Phantasms. Gypsy Assemblage Dangles in Pink and White.

The Barbary Corsairs. Lampwork and Miniatures Assemblage Gypsy Earrings.
The Barbary Corsairs. 'Memeber I was saying about more minis in things?

Oh and here's a bracelet:
The End of Greatness. Rustic Assemblage Bracelet with Antique Leather and Damascene.
The End of Greatness.

3- Remember I told you about my new astrophysicist etsybud? Here? Well, I received a package from her in the mail yesterday full of beads she made for me. Let the pictures do the talking because I get choked up.

Charms to dangle from thick steel loops. Couple teeth to freak out Sparrow.

Every imaginable texture and treatment.

All kinds of muted colors. Swoon.

Look at the heavy brushstrokes and pressed-in patterns.

"Inverted gaze of a solipsist."
To save you guys the trouble:
Solipsism- The philosophy claiming that the self is the only thing that can be known to exist.

And yes, this is the reverse.

The big one reads "emperor of entropy." !!!!!!!!!!

Metal stitching here. Razor blade focal

Oh the speckles! The speckles make me forgive the shine entirely. And the blue with the crackle? squeeee!

Dark ones with a particular sheen that makes me ... artgasm. If that's a thing.

See the one will the green crackled glass?
It's reverse side is the main one below-->

So now I gotta chose?

Here's the front and backs of these, though no one can say which is which. 

(Note: Crap I forgot to add a link to her shop.)

See how some have a little bit of glass in the recesses? If I understand her notes, those are from seed beads she put in there! Whoda thunk? (Cuz, you know, glass melts in the kiln. Duh.)

OK, so and but well. They came in a bunch of baggies each with a slip of this adorable antique paper. And on the reverse she included a little note on how she got the effect featured in that baggie of beads. Being me, the very first thing I did was to empty out all the baggies into a big pile.  So... But it's not like I'm going to be investing in a 3 ton kiln any time soon, so it's ok. In any case, she clearly put a good chunk of time into these, and had a lot of fun experimenting.

Then yesterday she told me the most amazing news. She got offered to (what's the verb?) do/obtain/complete her PhD in Berlin!
Her astrophysicist PhD! And here I'm proud of being able to just spell 'astrophysicist.' I'll sound so worldly dropping that into conversation, though- "So I was talking to my Lithuanian friend who's getting her astrophysics PhD in Berlin..."
I can see me dropping that into conversation at the dog park. While still in my pjs. With my perma-bedhead. While rolling on the ground with the other dogs... I'll sound so worldly.


Jackie said...

OMG, so much talent and cute too!

Your astrophysicist etsybud sure cranked out some awesome beads! What a nice haul she sent you.

...Jackie xo

Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

lol! Jackie said what I was going to say. Love the faq column. One day I hope to learn how to add pics to the side bars. Ugh.

I can see why you get choked up over the beads. WOWzer! Those are amazing.

amth13 said...

I'm going to have to resort to illegal substances to keep up with your blog

Chelsea said...

Ohhhhh. I'm insanely jealous of your new stash. They are little balls of art all on their own.

Janet said...

Nice to see the face that accompanies all that talent! Brains, talent, unbelievable amount of energy and beauty! You're definately not the male peasant everyone wondered about. LoL Boatload of fab beads too. Good grief, the melted seed beads in the craters. Bead love.

Aqua Junko Artworks said...

Lots of neat-o beads.I am not sure what that word is or what it means- that ist degree. I only read ever other word of your post -- it's late and I'm tired. Thanks for showing us your mug.Can't wait to see the work you do with all those beads--- get to work girl. Lori

stregata said...

You are going to sound like Einstein - while rolling around with the dogs and talking about your insanely intelligent friends... and that will really scare the other dog owners. Giggle.
What an awesome, absolutely droolworthy stash of beads...

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Yeah I can see you at the dog park goin' on about your astrophysicist friend, and people are gunna start pointing to you and saying 'see that crazy lady in the pjs with the retarded dog? She's some kind of genius science thing...I wonder why her hands are black? what kind of mad experiments does she do?

In other news I am jealous like a BITCH over your bead stash. How perfect for you are those wordy beads!

Jackie said...

Sparrow & Stregata write the funniest comments, I wet myself laughing envisioning Fanci in the dog park.

...Jackie xo

Petra Carpreau said...

Well - that's it - I'm about ready to go and stick my head in the oven and breathe deeply ( it won't work, it's an electric one!). Ok, so you don't wash, do housework or dress (hmm, hard to beleive if that smiling beauty is really you!) - I still don't get it. All this new stuff on here - and a new section!! This is not the work of any ordinary mortal. Mind you, you lucky cat, having an astrophysicist potter on hand to send you yummy stashes. I shall check out her shop without further ado.
Petra xx

Gardanne said...

Well we definitely need more creative astrophysicist's in the world. Maybe we would have more artgasms in the cosmos.

happyfallout said...

Thank you, Fanci and all the nice ladies! You're really kind and I feel so weird looking at those humble beads here.
I just have to spoil some of the fun -- those green/orange dots in the recesses are just plain glaze (though, glazes are glass technically, so it's the same). I rolled the beads in spice grains (coriander), fired them, brushed with glaze then wiped it away -- it stayed in the holes only. The molten glass, though, is that green crackled mess in the pendant.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see your photo - you are adorable! Now all I want is (a) to be adopted by you or (b) to be included in your next trip to wherever for serious loot. I do not think this is too much to ask for whatsoever and I have a passport. If you saw my small stash of goodies you would feel so sorry for me you would instantly scoop me up and put me in your pocket!

Jenny said...

Do you know about Etchall? Very good for turning shiny beads into matte beads. Works on glass only. . .but ceramic glaze is largely glass. I've never tried it on ceramic beads, but I'm thinking it would likely work. I got mine from Rings & Things. I put the beads on a length of fishing line, and dunk them. Leave them in and check them until they're the way you want them to look. Rinse. Repeat with other shiny beads.

mermaiden said...

artgasm. oh my, well, yes,i don't mind if i do!

Petra Carpreau said...

OOh Jenny - now that etchall goop sounds interesting. I was just fondling a bottle of something similar sounding in a DIY shop the other day - I may have to goback and get it. Isn't it funny - after hours of wearing my digits out trying to burnish some shine into my pieces, I'm now seeing that the real beauty lies in the murky mattness!