Supplycandy and tips.

Recent goodies from here and here.
I'm all better. I worked out ma pims.
Here's my blogging secret... though I never knew it was a secret til a week ago I mentioned it to Sparrow and Blue Hrr Moind.

'Kay, 'kay: Open one window to your blog 'new post' page. Open another window to your etsy shop or anywhere else on de websicles. Click on your item you wanna blog about. I'm going to pretend you are all me and all wanna blog about whatever you just posted to your etsy shop.                                        
  I think Imna cut these down for pendants. Didn't realize they'd be huge. Beads from.
                                           And this.
Click and drag the image right into the blog post you're working on. And there it is. Resize if necessary. Then, click back to your store front or whatever page the item was on. That is to say, the page on which you have to click the thumbnail of the item to get to the item page (?). Click on the title and drag it to your blog post.

Some WIP.
Now, not only do you have the name of the piece, it's clickable, just as it was where you got it from. Anything clickable on the webs can be dragged into yr blog post and continue to be clickable when you publish your post.That is all. I learned this by, well, trying it. Overall a great strategy in life.

These are from here and here.
Here's another "secret"- use eyepins for everything. Forget wire wrapping. Or at least put it aside for a minute.  Lococession.(<-- Here's an example.)Magophony.

Get an eyepin, put a bead through it, loop the other end, hook it on to something, close loop, repeat. In 2 minutes you'll have a new necklace.
These necklaces are examples. You can click to enlarge.
Heh? eeeh? Whacha think? Clever, no?
Unless you already figured this out yourself in which case you're all "duh!"
Or as my mom says, "Da!" Which means yes in Russian, so that's confusing.

OK. Thems yr tips.  On to the next thing

Lookit. Minis to add to necklaces. (from) I've always intended to use more dollhouse miniatures in my work. Also, those chunkachunk pyrite were given to me! By an etsybud and buyer, Anastasia.  She sent me a huge box of semiprecious pendants and stuff ages ago. Still haven't used them all.

Also, a new etsybud send me the realest most amazing antique glass eyes. Here is her outdated website. (Sending pressure vibes for her to update it.) Her new stuff is even better!  Here's a page of publications, mostly Belle Armoire Jewelry. Click on all the images and keep clicking.

Another eye, more pyrite and druzy from Anastasia, beads from Gaea and Spirited Earth. Oh! and lampwork from here.

Remember my post about these sticks? Both their buyer and seller sent me some!!!

Oh but that's nothing compared to what else I got.
But I'ma hold on to that 'til tomorrow. I'm the blogginest blogger in blog. Blog.


Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

You're going to make me start taking notes from your blog! LOL. That's actually a good thing.

Eyepins! What a great idea. Thank you for sharing your ideas...good things to fill a notebook with - to fall back on when inspiration fails.


Little Brown Sparrow said...

omg DUDE there are eyes AND teeth in this post...can you not post sparrow warnings?

I'm lollin' going through this post- those block stamps were an idea I had too- ages ago and forgot about it cause I couldn't find small ones and I was going to England 3 days later and now you've just reminded me. Steals!

Gypsy Fish said...

love the eyepin idea....supply candy heaven....thanks!

Janet said...

Awww, you're awesome! Never expected that I would get a mention in your blog! Thanks!
And yeah, I'm feeling the vibe loud and clear. (insert Twilight Zone theme song here). :) now if you'll send that vibe on to my webmaster.........
Are your fingers just itching to get busy with all that amazing stuff? What's so exciting when you blog about your supplies, is that your new creations are right around the corner, and they never disappoint!
Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the lessons and tips, they are always, always appreciated. Working double windows = AWESOME!! I love the eye pin tip and all of the links to great supply sources. I too am going to start taking notes! THANKS!!
...Jackie xo

Claire Maunsell said...

Of course I always knew you were incredible, but anyone who supplies me with a method to bypass that freakin' upload picture function on blogger is a geeenius.....
SIDE by SIDE pictures, easily!!!

Petra Carpreau said...

Ditto that!!! That should save HOURS!!!!! Well, it seems to take me that long anyway! Had I had that little tip up my sleeve yesterday, it wouldn't have taken so long to create my tribute to yooooo on my blog! Nearly did my bleeding chunk in! Mind you - it was a very pleasant way to spend time, goggling at all your lovelies! I can see you're going to be having a fun filled time with all your goodies there. How do you manage to get stuff out so quickly???? You bloggin' blogger!
Petra xx

amth13 said...

Genius blogger tip, cheers. I struck button gold today, picked up a huge sweet jar crammed with over a hundred buttons for £3 squid, will be trying out bangles now.

Tina said...

I love the WIP with the little broom! And the buttons and the brass urn-looking thing with the awesome ornate stopper. LOVE.