Before and After

I used to do some before and after posts to show how I improved things. I used to also use tags in my blog posts until I realized every single post I used had the tag 'new'....
Here's a piece I had up forever that never sold.Dream of Existing. Primitive Rustic Choker with Ceramics, Garnet Roman Glass, Antique Tag, Pyrite.
I liked it but like I'm saying, never sold. Dream of Existing. Primitive Rustic Choker with Ceramics, Garnet Roman Glass, Antique Tag, Pyrite.
One thing that bugged me was the generic vintage image in that awesome tag. Much more in keeping with my vision would be a snippet of nebula, and that's all I intended to change. As I was going about it, a package arrived with these cabs I'd taken a chance on from here. And I need to get more of them yesterday! Since the raku brought in the iridescence, I had to add a couple more iridescent accents. Eventually:
 Dream of Existing.
I'm pretty excited about it.
 So much so, I'mna make you look at this third image of it in which I highlight with my professional photoshopping skills all the new elements I added:
I also removed a couple, but I'll just stop now...
Also, you might remember a buyer got this:
Free Shipping Sale. Lamb. Cosmic pink opal amethyst pendant.
And ask me to rework it into a necklace. And so far I had:
Let me point out that this is a lady for whom more is more, so while I would normally have put it on some sort of leather choker and called it good, I needed something over-the-top. After much artistic turmoil, I just threw on every special, handmade bead in anything near the appropriate colors without even a link to separate them:
And she loved it! Phew!
The end.


Lucie Tales said...

I'm in love with our black and white reversed (or negative positive) flower hoops!!!

HenrietteWhite said...

That more-is-more necklace is just beautiful!! I just love a-little-too-much! And the colors are just gorgeous!!

Anvil Artifacts said...

The redo on that first necklace makes it pop! Looks fantastic! A little cosmic sparkle was all it needed. Everything is yummy.

alteredarcheology said...

The redo was a glorious success. Congrats on it selling already!

Sharon Driscoll said...

I had a friend who used to say "It ain't done until it's overdone." I so agree. These are great.