Hello Gorgeous Ladies.

Who make me so so happy with your gorgeous comments. I'm sitting here like:
smile cry
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(I realized the other day that when someone comes back for more after an initial purchase from me, my instant reaction is, "Yay! That means I managed to keep the dog hair trapped under the packaging tape to a minimum.")


StaroftheEast said...

Girl, you have no clue. The dog's hair is just the bee's knees. Customers come back for the rest of the bee :)

Unknown said...

I had to run to the bathroom rather quickly after that post. I've always double checked for hair balls. It's in photos and probably in my coffee this morning.

Penelope said...

YAY memeface! I love them. I think you're becoming an expert at the dog hair thing, cause I didn't see a single one when I opened my parcel this week. Not a one!

Anonymous said...

did somebody get an iphone?

Jiorji said...

omg pet hair!! i have one of those lint rollers that i use and de-hair everything before i send it. i once found pet hair on one of my purchases and i thought "YES!! AWESOME!! a little gift!!" :D

but then again i might be the only psycho out there that gets super happy over foreign pet fur. siighh...winter...need to get out more haha