Thank you Jennifer Valentine, aka SacredCake, for the title of this post. Apparently my last post did the nasty with her eyeballz. Thank you all for the awesome response to my last post. I'm all pumped up from it!
Jiorji, the cord in the key thing I stole from Keith Lo Bue. See it? Upper right? I steal all my ideas. I found where I got the faux mercury glass idea. Here. It was a little ornament made by Joanna Pierotti.
Daythreejoanna2I saw that and googled "mercury glass" and soon enough found fifty faux mercury glass tutorials. That was like two years ago and I only now got around to it.
As for the druzy geode, I'm actually planning a tute about a cheap and easy way to mount them for pendants. I just haven't gotten around to it since I have so so many ideas I gotta get out there before headsplosion.
Jackie, I'm so sorry about your boobs trying to kill you. I know from secondhand experience that it sucks ass.
Death and the Maiden. Resin Tarot Earrings.Oh I was also asked by Jiorji how I got my resin so plump. Well, a whole slew of ways, but my last batches have been by making a temporary bezel for them out of aluminum foil. In fact, in these I had to add some silver emblozzling because the foil wouldn't all come off no matter how much I tried-->
Free Shipping Sale. Your Own Bible. Resin Tarot Earrings with gold leaf.
Actually, since I was resining everyday, I was able to take my time with it. See, 1st, I resined the whole page full of tarot card pictures. Then the next day I cut them out, trimmed them and found which I wanted for fronts and back and pairs. Then I glued the front and back ones together. Then I made the little aluminum foil cup-like bezels around the little papers. Then I poured in the resin and when that cured over night, I cut them out and tried to peel off most of the aluminum. THEN I cut down and trimmed and sanded. At this point the tops had a little concave dip so I filled those with resin to cure over night. Then... phew. Drilled the holes, used alcohol ink in the holes so they didn't look all drilled, gold leaf or alcohol ink the edges...

You know, the whole thing felt just like fussing around and having fun. When I write it out it seems like crazy hard endless work. But the thing is I was making it up as I went so that helps it not be a pain.

Typical Uruguayans in native dress: chillin'.
My point being I'm all about answering questions. I may forget to but I like getting them. Remember, I was a teacher in a past life and telling people what they should do just feels right. Lecturing or trying to lecture others is like a national pass time in Uruguay. I say "trying" because being surrounded by other Uruguayans, we usually get cut off pretty quickly as others try to lecture back. Then there's a lot of yelling followed by pitched voices, some screaming, then back to perfect peace. Then my husband worriedly asking, "What's wrong? What happened?" And me having to realize, as I translate for him,  that we were all yelling about where does so-and-so live or whether the sky was bluer today or yesterday.
The point being if you have a question or whatever, just keep pestering me and it will eventually register through my brain-fog. I will then immediately start lecturing in a rhinestone bikini, see image.

Random note- I have a new buyer that is tearin' through the shop. Just in case there's anything left in stock that you've had your eye on, fair warning, it might not remain there long. (If you ever want something from the latest blog post that I haven't listed yet, contact me via etsy convo. It's the 'contact' button under my avatar.)
Also, I thought you should see the nudie images I referred to last time from inside these mini binoculars.

They're less fuzzy in real life. Of course I had no idea these were there til I randomly looked in one day. Don't think the seller realized either.
Pervy Uruguayans.

And now here's grumpycat.


Sharon Driscoll said...

First, that cat - love it - it's Monday and I always feel like that on a Monday.

On the resin - I sometimes put resin into clear glass rings and to do that you use packing tape (the clear stuff) on the back and it peels right off so it can be see through around the image. I bet it would work too for around an edge to make a pan.

New work is definitely eye sex. I don't smoke but might need a sandwich after having all of it.

Jiorji said...

hmmm i think i'll use the aluminum foil tip to finally resin my cicada. yes. i bought a dead bug off the internet since the one i found in the grass was starting to get all moldy and gross...

anyway....yes...it will get filled up with resin this week :D

Tribalis said...

i think that I will try resin again fanci.. you fill up us with courage.. i felt failing with this material.. love the idea of gold foil on resin, it gives a amazing look and texture.just beautiful! thanks for sharing your knowledge..
abracos e beijos!*

Blackwillow Boho said...

Good lord....coming here to read and see makes me feel all inadequate and hopeful all at once....lots o' things all at once. I should be in bed but instead I shall sit here thinking and then I'll be all annoyed cos I have to go to bed.

Jennifer Valentine said...

lovey, is there a way to use making tape for your bezels? or painters tape? it comes right off. no tinfoil woes....

Shel said...

every time I've stopped by to comment, I've seen another link and went off on some side blog or soemthing,...I have been meaning to tell you that the kitty is the cutest ever - grumpy or not - I just wanna squeezie hug it and kiss the daylights out of him!