WIP-it Good.

First, here's some done things. I made some similar to these and they sold so fast (thanks anvil! maybe not) that I thought I'd make more.
  These are a re-hashing of a failed pair. Better photo to come.
Resin hands.
And some WIPS- Work In Progresso Soup... is that right?

There will, as you can read, be gold leafed on the ear wires and those little orange balls are actually tiny goldstones so they shimmer.
Here are some shell hoops Flotsam sent me and some leaf dangles SacredCake sent.And for no apparent reason you get two pix of these.
This baby has faux mercury glass and interference/iridescent film on it. And its gonna become a cuff, not a pendant. Oh yeah.

I find I can photo the film but I can't seem to capture the mercury...Here's a pendant with faux mercury glass and iridescent film.  And embossed paper flowers. That don't actually look nearly this crappy.

 Here's the mercury. Ooohh.
 A little pocket shrine thing. Wait. This is the back.

 These, as you can see, will be blade hoops. They are aluminum coasters so they're really light, despite their size.
On the top ones I hammered the edges, on these I still need to. Also, file down the inner edge to a nice concavity.
I'm making a tin cuff on which I'll rivet this resin bit thats already been riveted to a chunk of aluminum and had its edges leafed.

I will be leafing more of these African vinyl discs and riveting them on as well.

Phew. I'm going to be an aunt from Weds-Fri, so these ought to tide you over, somewhat. Maybe. I don't know!
But checkit- my sister has an etsy account and look at her and her little gremlin in her avatar:carmelarios1OMG the cuteness! Man if you could see my grandparents... Lets just say each generation of my fam makes a huge leap forward in attractiveness.


neshuma said...

Ermagerd. Multiple eyegasms~! Oooooohhh...
Zat brass on which the hands are mounted? Cos I've just been foraging through my beloved hand images and having a brain block on how to use them, and dem earrings rocked my world. So simple, so fab...Say, have you tried the epoxy putty to back resined paper?

Juliette Williams said...

YEAH! Love the hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I jumped up and down seeing those.


Jiorji said...

VERY hard reading your blog...*scroll* scroll*...oohh pretty...GOLD LEAF!!! frigging GENIUS!!!! gold leaf makes everything classy

how do you attach those resin bits with the claws on your bracelets?
i know how to make them in metalsmithing with copper or silver,i solder them on, but do you maybe do it differently???!!

PS. i sent you a giant awesome seashell in your headpin package. I don;t see you using shell much but i have a disease where i collect tons of beach stuff(it's not hoarding if you collect for art dammit!!) and this one has a crazy awesome texture you might like.

alteredarcheology said...

I'm all about your pocket shrine and yeah, the hands, you know I luvs me some hands! As always you floor me and make me feel like my creations are on par with doggie doo.

alteredarcheology said...

I'm all about your pocket shrine and yeah, the hands, you know I luvs me some hands! As always you floor me and make me feel like my creations are on par with doggie doo.

Anvil Artifacts said...

hmmm do like those earrings and thanks for giving me credit, but I think you have me confused with someone else. or possibly another anvil out there that you're referring to?

really liking your faux mercury glass and those blade hoops are fabulous!

gretchen said...

Oh, that first pair is w o n d e r f u l ....
the hands, killer good..and on and on, you are the queen. no question. QUEEN OF AWESOME

Sparrow said...


13 said...

love the hands too and the baby pink earrings. The cones and etched agate ones are cool, fast becoming a fashion fave.

Alice said...

What a load of fabulous eye candy!!! I love that first pair of earrings. The earwires are unique. And the resin hands left me nearly speechless. Those blade earrings are wonderful--I'll bet they get snatched up right away.

Laura said...

The hands! The hands! I love em.

Flotsam Tide said...

Is no one else dying over your last comment like I am? Too funny! Your family is beautiful. EEEE those shell hoops look so good in your earrings! I have some in that exact lot for sale in my supply shop, and they have hardly gotten any looks. Erm... love the beading detail on the faux mercury glass pendant piece, no really.. it is glorious. Nice sequence of beads and colors, and very pretty color tones and elements. Your mercury pendants are otherwordly.

martinisfor2 said...

LoVing all the eYe candy! My favs are the shell hoops... ohhh la la! The first pair are a close second. ok ok, the resin hands are up there too! aarrrggghhh... can't make up mind... Intrigued by your faux mercury glass...hmmm.

Star of the East said...

You are in great form!
Love those blade earrings !