Back, wiser.

On the down side, every time you teach a new class, your students are basically guinea pigs so while I learned a ton, they... well, they learned a bunch too but next time I know a whole lot of things I can do to make it easier and make results even better.
Here's my favorite picture:
How adorable is she?
I didn't get pictures of everyone's. By the end they were exhausted and ready to head over to the pajama party. Yeah. Also, it was at the end of a week of 6-hour-long classes. How does anyone teach a 6-hour-long class? I was ready to pass out after 3.
Of course, since I do everything bass-ackwards, teaching a class before ever even participating in one of these art retreats as a student, I wouldn't know.
 Can you see here this amazing effect on the metal? It was this not cute, cartoony tin and it turned into this variegated rainbow.
Next time I will emphasize using only a touch or two of ephemera to not cover up all the awesome metalwork they'd just sweated over.
    It sounded like a stampede of horses and a few women wondered what the people on the floor directly above must've thought, lol.
 They all claimed to have had a ton of fun and to like their results.
Among the things I learned- a heat gun on wet oxidizer creates a whole range of awesome effects and I need to experiment with that.
Also, as illustrated by this picture, when you don't hammer it back super flat, you get some really cool texture.

What else? Oh, before I left I realized what these were missing-
Nothing contains me. Rustic Gypsy beachy, victorian tribal ivory white button shell ceramic earringsNothing contains me. Rustic Gypsy beachy, victorian tribal ivory white button shell ceramic earrings
Nothing contains me. Rustic Gypsy beachy, victorian tribal ivory white button shell ceramic gold leaf earrings
Isn't that better?


betweenreader said...

I just KNEW you'd be a great success, and by the looks of your students' work, you were, and of course were before got there and still are now that you got back. Perfect timing for bracelet projects, too, Ms. Smartypants!

gretchen said...

wonder woman's cuffs have just been updated ~

Beatnheart said...

Happy for you...

I know oh too well the anxiety of jumping into something without knowing what to expect ...but as I knew, you would ace this and give those lucky chicks an experience of a lifetime

Star of the East said...

That's one cool lady with the cuffs! :)

PipnMolly said...

Survived and inspired. Bravo

Anvil Artifacts said...

Your students cuffs are great! If the results are indicative, a good time was had by all.

Sparrow said...

I bet they did have fun, and what's more they went away with a whole new set o skills under their creative belt. I'm so proud of you- I would never have been able to do that. I can't teach, I can barely write tutorials; I honestly can NOT judge what needs to be spelled out and what goes without saying.

Gold leaf this gold leaf that... good thing you don't cook, otherwise you'd be all 'i know what these hot dogs are missing!! GOLD LEAF! Not that i'm complaining, gold leaf is awzum.

TesoriTrovati said...

Wow. Just awesome. I hope this means you will be finding more art retreats to teach at. Someday I might be able to take a class from you. Inspired bits to carry me through the day. Thank you for sharing and I am happy that it was a success for you! Enjoy the day. Erin

Sharon Driscoll said...

It looks like an awesome success - the bracelets are beautiful, and that is as it should be. Now I'll have to find my heat gun and see what it does with oxidizer. You're right - the earrings needed gold. Whoo Hoo! Congrats all the way around.

Lela said...

Welcome back, wiser one. Looks like the students were paying close attention because their bracelets look great!

annamei said...

You´ve made it!
Looks like a powerful exchange of fun,creativity and inspiration!
An amazing collection of cuffs!

Anonymous said...

You should look into teaching a workshop at LillStreet Art Center in Chicago!!!