Juicing Update

OK, the kiddoes are in town so I haven't had time to finish anything new the last few days. However! I had to share a little something about a little ol' ingredient called Aloe. If you look it up, the pictures on line will look all impeccable like so→
In the supermarket- the Mexican supermarket of course, pretty sure you can't get these at Jewel- they look more like so↓
And yeah they come with their very own smiling lady holding on to them, smartasses!
Claire Cromah, from Sierra Leone, selects aloe plants at Compare Foods in Durham.Just shove that shit in the juicer. How much? I don't know! The whole thing, half the thing, have some balls ladies, why does everyone need a recipe? Shove whatever fruit and veggies you have around along with. I had some just-about-to-turn strawberries and a bunch of other stuff and the juice was like heaven. The aloe has no taste but it does have a scratchy spicy aftertaste that blends amazingly with sweet fruity/veggie tastes. I also like to balance the sweet juice with some ginger and a bit of orange peel I leave on the oranges. Robust. And there's a zillion good things in aloe, it will basically save your immortal soul if you read up the benefits.

Let me make up for the eyecandy-free post with some kitty gifs.     



Jiorji said...

aloe sounds deli.....OMG KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!

Beatnheart said...

The kittens are so beautiful... The one looks like he's laying on a massage table.. Took me awhile to realize that is a lil bunny on the bottom... Ok bunnies and kittens... Life if perfect right now.

Wildthorne said...

Thanks for the suggestion... I still have yet to try the aloe, there is some growing wild at my mom's house that I will take next time. Fresh juice is heavenly!

Sharon Driscoll said...

My Darling Daughter-in-law juiced me up a great drink when my knee was healing. Had Spinach, apples, a bannana, carrots, and I don't know all what else but thing tasted incredible. Maybe I ought to try some of this myself. The Aloe does sound good....aside from the great benefits.

alteredarcheology said...

Too much aloe will make you poop. A lot.

Cute kitties!!!