Me opening studio door after being gone 3 days:


So instead of cleaning I made this for my patronia.

Because the holes on these skulls are big, I used two eyepins in each. Easier than cutting my own from scratch in bigger gauge wire. Always the short-cuts for me.

 Also this cuff was fun. Tin from Uruguay, shaded tourmaline, scalloped edge from old glove.  In case you're curious about how I attached it:

You can make out some thin wire stitching if you click the image to enlarge. Then I wet it and the leather molded itself right against the cuff perfectly.
 Also some little boxes, insides leafed, with rough garnet and rainbow titanium druzy for the Patroness. She likes the leaf.
And they're in this vintage-y painted tin one of my students gave me.
That's all.
Oh damn! I forgot. I also finished this guy:

I'd been working on it previously then it got lost in the shuffle.

 I added some beads and strandy chain.

And darkened the putty the raku face cab was anchored with. Now that's all.


Jiorji said...

woah this is weird!! i just make some vintage tin bezel cups today ..like the ones in the last pictures..creepy!! except i put some other things in them. but still. weird.

duuuudeee our minds are ....THE SAME!! :D (ok definitely not cos you're ten times more advanced with your experiments)

and that cuff is delicious!

Beatnheart said...

not much said ie teaching experience...I guess I expected a whole blog about it...maybe like tiny pony you are still finding your feets and processing it like the fancy people say.

HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

Welcome back home! And pleeeeze tell us more about your teaching experience!

And...... have you ever considered teaching a class in, say......, Amsterdam? I'll definitely be the first to enroll!!

Sparrow said...

Dude that foal- I think I watched it fall down like, 20 times. I WANT PICTURES OF THE STUDIO. Seriously- show us the horror, it might help. It will help me, I like to look at mess. From the safety of distance.

Sharon Driscoll said...

The garnet nuggets in the tins are cool - my fav from this set, but then I'm kind of an earring girl. The foal is precious and I'm with Sparrow - I've got horror all over the house and not making progress. UGH!