Wrist Time.

So wow, if I'm looking to simply amass comment quantity, I think I'll have to just blog loot from now on.
Y'all are baneyneys.

Join the Call. Salvaged tin cuff with gold leafed frame, resin paper moon, dark rustic beads.
Here's bracelets.

Join the Call. Salvaged tin cuff with gold leafed frame, resin paper moon, dark rustic beads.Testimony. Salvaged tin cuff with gold leafed frame, resin paper moon, dark rustic beads.Doods, this bracelet was sitting there with the name "Join the call" which is the name of the NEXT bracelet... AND the wrong size-reference picture.... There was a time when I had stalkers to alert me of these issues. Clearly I am no longer loved. I say with a pout.Join the Call. Etched brass cuff with dark beads.
Join the Call. Now Imna make you read the description of this piece whether you want to or not.

Taken from a photo, this brass plate is etched with a typical scene from the Uruguayan "Llamadas" or Calls. This unique carnival event began perhaps 200 years ago when all the slaves of the capital would be given one communal day off a year. From early in the morning, drums made of animal skins stretched over barrels and heated by the fire would call all the slaves to one neighborhood in particular where an all-day party would take place. Soon, the free people of the city started coming with chairs and such to watch the amazing event, including a humorous dance in which participants dressed up like white people to mock them. Now, there are groups made up of over 100 drummers which compete. The drums make an ear-straining noise as they come down the street, the high walls of the buildings causing an echo which seems to reverberate in the listener's bones, commanding you to join the dance. 
What I forgot to mention is that the piece was originally a big ol' magnet made by a Uruguayan artisan... Here from a theeengs post:
Take Pity. Thick brass cuff with resined antique book plate.
Take Pity.
You know, sometimes depressing things are, err, depressing... But sometimes they're somehow comforting. Like this tidbit I used for this listing.

O you, the most knowing, and loveliest of Angels, a god fate betrayed, deprived of praises,
O Satan, take pity on my long misery!
O, Prince of exile to whom wrong has been done,
who, vanquished, always recovers more strongly,
O Satan, take pity on my long misery!
You who know everything, king of the underworld,
the familiar healer of human distress,
O Satan, take pity on my long misery!
-Charles Baudelaire

So I seem to want to share my description bits today. Here's some new bracelets.
A set with beach pottery goodness and a locket for perfume.

 The two pix above are the same set. Here's another one I decided to sell on its own. Otherwise the cost might be way high.

 And these were originally meant to go with the above. Pale and beachy, I like them! But all together they'd end up really expensive, don't you think? Or actually, I'd feel like they were way expensive so I'd end up lowering the price and selling them for nufin.
Do you see the Porky Pig face? Do ya? Another SacredCake bit of yum. The haughty face by Happyfallout.


artistic rejuvenations said...

i adore the color scheme of your bracelets. precious and beautiful!

Jackie said...

I was so excited last night...Uruguay was the answer to one of the Jeopardy show questions.

That's all!

Oh yeah, love these pale and beachy bracelets!

Sharon Driscoll said...

That's a great streak of bracelets. My favorite is the one with brass plate of the Llamadas. It's an interesting piece of history too. Especially nice how you worked those pottery pieces into the bracelets. They look so romantic.

Kimberly said...

Hey, what are you doing with my UTE loot? Oh that's right, you were there first. It is pretty cool when those drummers come a marching thru the market although I admit I know more about them now from reading your post than i did when I was rocking out to them.
Your bracelet are great, especially how you used the marmalade pottery bits. Don't charge too little, you need to make more than nuffin. It's all beauty-fool.

Gardanne said...

Numm, I love marmalade Grandma from Scotland put it on my scone right from those Seville jars.

Wildthorne said...

Your beach pottery bracelets are a breath of fresh air... loving your perfume lockets. :)

Lucie said...

I like the new bracelets a lot! The sea inspired, white shells bleached by the ocean, perfect! And the old piece of ceramic, how did you manage to drill that one without breaking? Like pebbles?

13 said...

love the antique white and cream palette of those bracelets. But I also like how those vertical beads look in the first bracelet.

Beatnheart said...

yeah well you somehow managed to do it again.

betweenreader said...

Ain't it da truf? Those beachy bracelets are knock down drag out gorgeous!

annamei said...

Oh,i love your ocean bracelets!!
They make me feel like it´s time for a beachcombing walk and a deep dive for a underwater treasury hunt.
I hope this winter finishing sooon!

Lela said...

Always love the white themes...very classy.