Another Patroness Box

A large priority box, packed. Thought I'd share the madness. With her permish of course.

Did I just say "permish"? All the pretty beads have rotted my head. 

 Those things on top are ear cuff thingies. For earrings that hang off the back of your ear like so:Spike Ear Cuff  Long Chain Tassels Ear CuffThere's a bunch of them.
This one's tiny. 
 This one's huge. Heavy as anything, and, as if that weren't enough, it has boobs.
OMG, a whole treasury of mind-boggleage from my biggest bead crush, greybirdstudio.
 Here is a huuuuuge ...let's call it necklace. Though it could perhaps be a belt or wall-hanging. Or a beam to hold up a roof.
 Now you're going to see some Roman glass. It's not all the same strand that I move around to include in various different pix. It's all different strands.
Thing is, when my patroness likes something, she gets as much of it as is available anywhere. 
 She's a kook! But she's my kook, and it's because of her I get to play with this stuff.
 But to answer someone's comment somewhere- no she has no time limits/demands. She suggested I put it all in a garage to get it out of my sight while it marinated or something.
OMG, non-tribal things. That's a boulder opal teardrop there on the right. 

 Super beautifulnessthat I have to figure out how to balance with miles of chunky beads.
 I'm thinking of making one endless wrap with every chunky bead that you'd just wind and wind around your neck and then carry around for some kind of strength training. Or religious penance.
 Like these. These weigh a ton. I can't imagine what to even do with them that wouldn't be somehow cruel.
 What's in this mystery ball?
It's a ton of little buddhist amulets. I used a bunch of these in a series I made a while back...
 Seek the Holy Guide. Gypsy Tribal Buddhist Reliquary Assemblage Necklace.The Spectre of My Heart. Buddhist Reliquary Gypsy Tribal Assemblage Art Necklace.
Of course, I soaked the plastic frames in oxidizer for like a week first. (For these pix I googled 'fancifuldevices buddhist' clicked on 'images' and went on quite a nostalgic trip just now...)
 Wacky clay skulls.
 Crazy druzy and prayer vessels.
 Tons of heavy bronze.

OMG, what are these amazing double tooth things below? Squee....

 But these painted flowers on these heavy beads are to die for.
Here's some kind of fat fingers of fuzzy flamingo-colored floof. I'm finding it fluxomming to figure fitting phrases for such flowery findings. Fix me, friends! Aw, forget it.

Look- chunky little Happyfallouts!
  Ancient bells and glitteries.
Look, each one of these was in it's own individual bag (ignore the apatite bits all over). These are tiny but original Roman glass beads. I feel like... they're too precious for me to be fucking with.
And finally... I've already made something with this honker! 
Here it is not quite fitting in that perk-a-rific valley. This is why I got a new, less boobular lady. 

But she needs a skin treatment. No one likes plain plastic. 

Wow that looks different against black. 
Also today I made something using only parts from the previous box I'm still not done with. 

All these big complicated components make it look like I did a lot more work than I did. I'm ok with that.  

So that's my theengs. You're probably thinking you're jealous but also relieved it's not you, hu?
Oh, if you wanna see some amazing finds, go to Numinosity's Uru-haul post. Upon seeing it, my heart cried out, "Those should be my bits!" I'm so jealous I'm thinking of never allowing another maker into my little country again. Cuz of course you need my official permission to go.


Juliette said...

I adore, absolutely adore the last necklace. And your patroness.

Numinosity said...

Does it balance things out if I'm jealous of your bits or your mannequin's tits? I found that out about my mannequin bust thing just don't drape well with immovable breasties.
I think I would find it daunting to have a patroness... That's what I'm telling myself.
I noticed you mentioned heavy several times. That can be challenging can't it?

PipnMolly said...

Holy shit girl !! Ya, that about sums it up. A few bits and baubles to swim in and keep you busy for a while. You'll make it all beautiful too. Kudos.

Jiorji said...

that last necklace....WOAH!!

and i'm SO jealous of your little treasures.

I like the black body better. it has better contrast but i'd paint it matte black cos that glare is annoying. Let me tell you, shiny black is the most annoying thing to photograph!ugh...past job packaging flashbacks.

oh yeah back to whining..JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS!!!

Regina said...

WOW! what wonderful loot, that is some patroness you have.

gretchen said...

Such treasures! treasures that make us all weak in the knees and have our tiny heads swimming with the possibilities. There would also be great panic working with such fabulous finds! If anyone is worthy of this task, it's you! Can't wait to see what it all becomes!

Penelope said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I wanna join the whine train, cause that heart cry you had when you saw Kim's Uru-haul is what I get here! Seriously, it feels like someone is standing on my chest.

Okay so I wouldn't actually want all of it - totally steal those big bells (called crotal bells, they may be about 400 years old), those flower bone ones and the pale agates near them, the rose quartz, the kuchi in the first pic- ACK I want the redbird beads bad!! Like- CUT MY HEART OUT bad. it just makes me mad in such a 6 year old's way, cause you have all these toys and I don't. Poopy.

Dammit now I have to go supply shopping. THANKS A LOT.

StaroftheEast said...

Good gracious, that can last you a lfe time...or two. Very jealous of course, but you will do the pieces justice.

alteredarcheology said...

Oh my goodness.....my head is spinning! Look at all that delishy stuff! Patroness has found THE perfect artist to put all that yumminess to work. What a challenge though to have so much at once (supply panic!) I'm loving those huge neck pieces. Bravo!!

Lela said...

*Ka-Pow* My eyeballs just exploded!

Jackie said...

Oh what fun that box must have been to go through. What wonderful taste your patroness has and what awesome jewelry you'll make from it all. I too am jealous and green with envy. Have fun and I can't wait to see the treasures you create with all of these fabulous goodies.

...Jackie xo

Anvil Artifacts said...

I'm almost speechless...almost. Yowza singularly comes to mind. As my mouth is hanging open (though not quite drooling) looking at all the pretties. You will do amazing things with them all, no doubt. Love the previous comments, ladies. you guys are a riot!

Beatnheart said...

Dear Patronees,
No one in this whole entire world deserves these treasures than Ms. Fancifuldevices. But however,
she’s got a lot of little clones out here that could make stuff too...but yeah I would drop dead if someone sent me a box like that, so don’t send it to me...but still I would love just to look at that stuff in person.
I am happy to see dear Patronees, that you are buying the glorious work of GreyBirdStudio...she is in my opinion the best out there and everything she makes is pure magic...
Thank you so much for keeping our goddess general
in charge of all things beautiful and wonderous, in work and oh yes plenty of it by the looks of things...You restore in me the hope that there are peope out there who knows an artist and respects her and wants to keep her doing what she was born to do.
One day, I hope that you mount some sort of museum to show off all of this bounty in one place.
I for one would love to see that.
Thank you Patroness...
your humble piece of pie,

Unknown said...

Holy Crap Marina - That is an incredible haul from the patroness. Use those Roman beads in something grand - I fondled some at the last Bead and Button and thought they'd charge me for just touching them. You will make it all look grand and I'm excited for you.

That blue necklace is to DIE FOR. It belongs on a run way with some fancy smanzie model in a flowing dress.

I'd take the new neck and do some black treatment on it so you have two necks to choose from. Sometimes the black just makes things POP better in a photo.

I'm doing a happy dance for you!

Maggie Zee said...

It's really annoying to read this latest post because I have to stop every two minutes to wipe the drool off the ipad. But you are a fabulous artist and will turn all this booty into even more gorgeous stuff that I just can't wait to see...

annamei said...

What an expolsion!I don´t know where to look first,the bells ...the ancient glass..the buddhas...can´t wait wait to see what you ´ll do with it.I wonder if you could sleep with all the endless possibilities popping up:)))

martinisfor2 said...


My brain just exploded all over the computer. Have to go now...

p.s. I truly swoon over the last necklace


Green Studio said...

All I am going to say is OMG!!!!

Anonymous said...

Squeeeeeee! I just want to go shopping with the patroness! er, be a fly on the purse. Love all the Tibetan & Himalayan beads/pendants. You go Grrrrl!

HenrietteWhite said...

Christmas in March!! I'm truning green! What an amazing heap of gorgeous goodies! And I have no doubt that you will turn every single bit into something even more gorgeous!

Love this last necklace! Beautiful shades of green?

Laura said...

I think it's kinda weird someone just tried to covet your patroness. I understand why she's your patroness bc your work is stunning and unique. I'm not a jewelry creator but if I was, I would keep my haunts and suppliers secret, and I think it's a testament to your creativity that you are so open.

beadybaby said...

say what? that is all.

Shari Replogle said...

Wow.. Just wow. I would say more but i'm going to go drool, oogle, drool, and look at it all again.

A L I C I A said...

Que bellezaaaaaaaa!! Me aloco con tantas piezas increiblesssss!!!! I want a box like that =\....