Flash sale, nothing earth-shattering.

Howdy sexy ladies. Yesterday a friend from my old day job came by and was a guinea pig for my cuffs class. It was super useful and edjemacational, and like the professional blogger I am I forgot to take even a single picture. 

 So check it. I think I figured something out with my night pics. Turning the contrast way down. I thing it's working. What do you think? Well, it's better and some of the subtlety is back... Being the subtle lass that I am, I may have overdone it some.

 I dunno. I dunno what I think of these. I dunno how to make shit. My head feels like it has its own inner pillow.

 Well these I like. Maybe cuz the big clamshell locket that I get to put a whole buncha solid perfume into. Cuz when I went to fill the tiny ones it was like only the bittiest dollop fit.

Look at these. Who wouldn't want Lyndon B. Johnson swinging from their lobes? Girls are always like, "Not enough ex presidents in jewelry, if you ask me." 

These I think I pretty much don't like. I think I've decided that. They started as an experiment in strips of metal and ended in a wire-stravaganza. A wire-tastrophy.

And these I like alright except for the big ass blotch all over the queen lady.

 Here's a picture of Solome which reminds me of Kim (nee Flotsamtide, now Wildthorn) because she's always loved this painting.

Nothing earth-shattering here but I am having a flash sale. I'm gonna try putting it just on the shop announcement (which no one ever reads- including you, admit it!) and not in every item description/title which is a crazy pain.  So click on 'apply coupon code' under 'how you'll pay' and enter code SALE20 for 20% off everything EXCEPT FOR TUTORIALS. 

Oh, I lost the comment but someone said something about mixed media... to clarify: I'm in the book as a jewelry artist but, you know, it can count as mixed media too, so... yeah. I don't have a secret life as a 2-D art maker that I'm keeping from you all. And yes, the kitty was distressed but sometimes pets are such drama queens that it's adorable.  Also, I've put pix of my doggie here before... I worry he can't compete against the type of animal cute found all over the web, though... Today he's mostly recovering from the emotional high that was having a visitor over (for hours!) yesterday. He's been dead asleep all day.


Beatnheart said...

Of course subconscious dad wasn’t a hippie...he never inhaled. He actually went to college to learn and get his degree in 3 years instead of 10 and wasn’t just going to school to avoid going to Nam.

your pup has cute little turned back ears kinda small for his head. Is that a big glob of drool?

still haven’t used resin...afraid! all those peeps talk about bubbles and stuff happening.

alteredarcheology said...

Haha, Beat's afraid to use resin in her projects, well, I'm afraid to use Lyndon Johnson in mine.

PipnMolly said...

Happy pretty dawg. Do you have two?
Love those dipped digits. Must admit they bring to mind hacked off monkey hands but I likes em nonetheless.

Jiorji said...

the simple ones with the coins and the blue crystal......

OMG DOGGIE!!!! :D i loves him :D

umm..back to the earrings...i thought for you, they're a bit plain...unfinished...?? maybe you should set them aside and not look at them and then bring them back out and maybe you'll have an epiphany(or something)and add the finishing touch.

cats ARE drama queens. Omg the dramatic meows i get! and then when Miss Peanut doesn't get table scraps, she actually FAINTS! and then looks over to see if you're taking notice of her drama.

Jackie said...

Oh finally a pic of Bingo! He's quite a good looking lad!

Cynthia, I too have a fear of resin, I bought that expensive stuff years ago but never used it. It's probably junk by now.

Fanci, as always, I love your jewelry. I'm still stuck but I think I'm getting closer to creating again.

Wildthorne said...

Ugh those first pair of earrings is earth shattering! I had a little carved Asian wooden doll like that when I was younger. She was pink and had a small silk string and tassel attached, every time I would stub a toe or a pinky I would wrap her around the injured digit, and it would feel better. Brings back memories, this whole post does... That painting "The Apparition" with Salome.. I do love it so. Got to see it in person at the Musee Moreau: http://www.musee-moreau.fr/, it is a beautiful gem of a museum tucked away in Paris, the walls are pink! Moreau is one of my favorite symbolist painters, his work is truly mystical, alchemical and ethereal. Your lovely cuff does it justice. Look at Bingo's cute face! I want to hug your dog.

martinisfor2 said...

Why must you beat yourself up so? Walk away... let them sit... new ideas. Are you pimsin'?

I love the shell locket ones and the alien hands! I like the LBJ earring overall design but he always scared the living crap out of me. Still does... I'd have to gold leaf over him or something!

Bingo is adorable!

Laura said...

SWOON over LBJ earrings!!! And the clamshell ones too. And the doggie!

betweenreader said...

Bingo is droolingly delishisly handsome. I love those lbjs enuf to wear 'em -- they're like cultural irony bling, real statements!


Sharon Driscoll said...

What do you mean you don't know how to make shit? You make a whole lot of damn good shit...and I LOVE the LBJ earrings. If I were less broke I'd snap 'em up. They're ballsie to say the least. I don't think the wire earrings are all that bad. I do think they're a departure for you but just think of it as stretching your artistic perogative.

Sweet puppy - furbabies are the best.