Sharing is Caring.

 Here's a conglomeration of odds and ends.
I have nothing edifying or entertaining to say about this necklace.
And everything in this post is for general consumption, I should mention.
The interesting thing about this and the following pair is that there's these teeny little lockets, see 'em?
Well, before they go off to their new homes, but not sooner, I'mna fill them with some solid perfume I got from etsy. "This fragrance combines wild berries and mandarin, honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine. Embodied with the aroma of amber, caramel, sandalwood, vanilla and praline to add just the right touch of sweetness. " 
It's yummy. And all up in your ear. Cuz if I put it in a necklace I'm concerned body heat would liquify it.

Here's fishies.
This is not tribal at all... not cosmic or nuthin. Just a girlie girl making girlie things.
Hands n' shit. And that's that.

I had to share some youtube redonk.

While we're here, lets share some more www discoveries. Recently, I learned about some crazyshit from the deepest depths. Four examples to follow.

1. The Barrel Eyed Fish.
This little fish has a transparent head. Those two green spheres within are its eyes, generally looking upward. What looks like his eyes are actually his nose. Scientists speculate that the transparent dome over its eyes protects them from the stinging tentacles of the fish he steals food from.

2.The Black Swallower.
Lemme apologize ahead of time for the fugly. I know you come here for eyecandy, but this is still super interesting.

No black swallower has ever been seen alive. In this case it has swallowed something so big that it started to decompose right there in the Swallower's guts, releasing gases that meant they both began to float to the surface. As you can see, the head tore the stomach and is poking out. These floaters are the only kind of black swallower people have ever seen.

3. The Goblin Shark.
The goblin shark. It's just ugly. That shnoz is its shovel he digs around with. Yes, I'm calling them all "he", I know....

4. The Dumbo Octopus.
The dumbo octopus is cute as it gets. Named for their ear-like fins, it can grow to a whopping 8 inches. There are 37 species of dumbo octopus, which is why these three look so different. However, they are similar in that they all resemble Pokemon. 
There should be a link here somewhere hu? I found them all over though and anyways no one owns nature! So there. As you were.


Juliette Williams said...

jeezy creezy man! I LOVE them palmistry earrings!!!! Are they for your patroness? xo J xo

fanciful devices said...

oops, should update that to say that no, they're not particularly for the patroness. tho if she likes them she's more than welcome to them!

Sparrow said...

Those hands earrings are the shit.

Nature...you are so wasted drunk. All that time my jaw was hanging open like a Swallower- I mean seriously, it's like something from a teenage monster novel, not real life! And that barrel fish- how can a fish have nostrils?! And a head like some kind of 1970s ambient lighting?! WTF. Then I saw that little yellow octopus and my heart exploded. I want one.

Beatnheart said...

I would love to know how the connectors were done... I am afraid of resin.. What sort to use and how to do it.. Did you make these? Dumb question.

PipnMolly said...

Cranking out some gorgeous earrings.. as always.

Jiorji said...

WOAH!!! earrings with perfume. that's pretty awesome!

and that swallower fish....probably the most awesomest disgusting thing ever! just proves my fear of water and my theory of "why would i go swimming? you just never know what lurks in there!!" bahaha

Juliette Williams said...

Sparrow!!!! You are my hero. Damn you make me laugh!

martinisfor2 said...

odds and ends...seriously?!? everything is stunning! i love the ocean but i never want to meet a a black swallower...dead or alive.

the necklaces in your previous post are absolutely amazing and i'm still giggling about the penis.


Anvil Artifacts said...

those girly girl earrings are vondermous! and I love the weird sea creatures. dumbo octopus's in whatever variety are adorable

Porsche Simpson said...

In love with the dangling hands earrings!

*Belcho USA