Day vs. Night

OK, I stupidly took pictures at night. Even with my fancy new lights, night images inevitably end up blurry. I'll have to take more during the day for the 1st listing picture.
 These are a set of amazing sailboat reverse-painted cabs SacredCake sent. They're so gorgeous, and you can't even tell. So anyways, I decided to use my two basic earring systems, one for each. Have you noticed all my earrings are basically a bar with three drop or a circle with an inner drop and a lower drop?
And now, thanks to the magical properties of time- it's daytime the following day and I took these:
Can you see a difference? Can I? Are my eyes crossed from trying to even tell?

These at night:
Depth of detail mebbeh?
 And these are the bar with three drops system.
Note that I had to offset the hole for the earwire because the middle and right drops were so much heavier than the left side drop. Did I have to toss the original pair of findings? Yup. Live and learn.
 This is a very elaborate version of the bar with three drops. Really they're a jazzed up version of some patroness earrings that I thought I could give an assemblage twist to.
Yeah, I'm certainly seeing more nuance in the daytime pix. Am I also forcing you to look twice at everything for my own strange ego needs? No, of course not.
 Here's some little cab rings. No idea what to charge as usual. I might have a sale for some crap that's been sitting around forever...
Also, now that I took a zillion individual pictures of these, I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't sell them as a set. I'd be good charging $50 for the set... Opinions?
This one's really small and as cute as can be. No daytimes of these, I was pretty happy w/them as-was.

 Here's some patroness things. This was a bracelet originally that I tribaled into a necklace. Night:
And from downstairs I can hear Spanish TV from my hub who thinks he's Uruguayan and still insists he can understand the language just from osmosis. It's disconcerting. When we go back to his little town in Virginia and they see the Uru flag tattoo ... they must think I've brainwashed him. When in fact, I'm considerably less enthusiastic about the place than he is. 
Guess where Numinosity is? Um, yeah, Uruguay! She asked me to tell her where/when the street market is. I'm concerned she'll get taken by the cab drivers. Everyone there is awesome except the cab drivers. See, cuz cab drivers are the only ones with temporary power over you, and folks always abuse power.  Night:
 No, they'll just charge more or go around the long way, it's not like Thailand where they'll kidnap you or something. They're certainly too chill to be dangerous. It just pisses me off. Even though it's still not that much money, there's just something about it that pisses me off. And I've thought about it. They just want some of what they imagine are your piles of moola. And it will certainly benefit them more than you, since money in Uru will go much further or something.... And still. Hard not to take it personal when they're blatantly lying to your face and treating you like you're an idiot.
AHEM. Here I thought I'd try a rainbow necklace. So many beads, I figured why not.  Here's my daytime shot:
Here I never have anything to say but end up ranting about Uruguayan cab drivers? WTF.
Back to night:
Different looks depending on which way you angle forwards. 
  How overly proud am I of these tiny circle things? Yay tin findings. If I were more patient I'd proly make all my own tin findings.
 Here the thought process was, "Maybe these big wacky pink things will go together."
Plus I've been making her lots of shorter chokerish things, so here's a long one. With eye-searing hot pink. And now I'm off to do some other stuff because I'm out of pictures. Maybe I'll list.
I love you guys who take the time to leave comments. It means everything to me, it's like an unexpected hug from the world. Your support increases my confidence in what I do and seeing what gets most remarked on gives me a better idea of what is and isn't successful. Plus your good ideas and suggestions. Like, Sharon Driscoll, I'm totally gonna use your idea to wrap little beads around that one pair of earrings that needed something else... (Oh and Tribalis, we call that 'stroke your hair.' In Spanish we say 'mimos,' which the best way to say in English would be I guess give affection? Pets? Cuddles? I mean, we usually don't pet people, we pet animals, but we should be able to pet people. Then there's 'heavy petting' which is this weird 50s way of saying feeling each other up or making out or something, so that's not it...)
Happy babble....


Juliette Williams said...

I think the day pictures add more depth to your work. It's beautiful to be able to see all of the work when it's not too 'whited out'.

I am in LOVE with those drop earrings (the 'elaborate' ones)- one of them has a little skull? Wow. Your patroness is something else.

Oh, and the Ganesh necklace. LOVELY!


happyfallout said...

Do you use a tripod? I think all is well w/ the nocturnal pictures, just they are a tiny bit blurred. And all pics have a bluish tint, but that's probably winter.

richelle said...

Osmosis is a natural, (albeit lazy, perhaps) way to learn a language--I totally believe in the possibility of your husband understanding it. But I also put faith in your disconcertedness...

I am remembering some of the things I sent now. The black sugar beads look really great on the earrings. Last post too--those russian glass fiber optic barrels are perfect on the earrings. Faceted polymer as well. Thanks for the linkage!

Sparrow said...

I learned most of my Spanish from TV- mostly Dora, though it pains me to say. One night I lay awake trying to think of all the Spanish I know. This is what my brain does when I'm trying to sleep. Last night it refused to let me go until I'd ranked all the characters from Friends in ages oldest to youngest. And that wasn't easy, since I only have a small grasp of that fandom.

Sometimes I feel like your jewelry makes my jewelry superfluous in this world. Or I could just have my ladycurse.

Kimberly said...

Just dropping in from a Welsh tea house in Argentina... Hubby wanted to drag me through some more cold weather in Patagonia before we head to Uruguay and get taken by cab drivers. He wants to take me to see penguins today and then we are norte bound.
Enough about me though. It's helpful to see the comparisons between the night and day shots...oh it's muy dificil to write on this fone... Oh I got some cool dyed salmon skin leather in Chile...'sgonna be fun to make stuffs with it.

Anvil Artifacts said...

that second pair of earrings and those cab rings are fabulous! yeah, there's a difference in your day and night photos, but it's a small one. daylight pics are always a bit better, but since you live in tupperware...... summer's coming, you'll have those TWO-sunny-good-picture-taking-days before long. LOL

Star of the East said...

Love the second pair of earrings, Helen of Troy would too :)

Sharon Driscoll said...

Hey there girlfriend - I'm thinking cab drivers are just about the same everywhere - at least about taking the long way around and I hate it too. Eh, it's life.

My fav of today's batch is the tin triangle with the drops. Getting things to balance isn't easy and those are so juicy with crusty goodness. And the long pink dramatic necklace is rockin' with a unique look. It ain't easy doing hot pink.

HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

I also prefer taking photo’s during the day, colors just seem to look more natural. But your jewelry certainly does not look less stunning on the night pictures:)

My favorite is the rainbow necklace! Because of the colors and because it changes completely depending on how you wear it!
And the ‘big wacky pink things’! And the bracelet-turned-necklace! And the ‘elaborate version of the bar with three drops’ earrings. And, well ....., everything else!

Anonymous said...

Love those irregular triangles too! How did you get them to looks so ancient and crusty? Just a fabulous pair of earrings!

Beatnheart said...

Your just a bar and a stick sound simple enough and perhaps they should be but mine end up a tilted loopsided skewed up mess that earrings that proll should take an hour to make take me three... I would love to just watch you make something... You know you could set up a camera, film you making something... Call it A Video Of Fancifuldevices making something and it would sell zillions... Am I right groupie ladies?
Still I get inspired every time I see your latest..
I am sick with the flu so right now I'm watching every episode of Weeds on Netflix lookin at Nancy jewels and counting how many coffees and diet cokes she drinks. Hate being sick,

martinisfor2 said...

OMG!!! this is my first day having our internet back after a week and a half! I was going out of my freakin' mind... trying to do things on an iphone just does not work so I gave up. I thought my head was gonna implode! I LoVe everything and missed you all! Both pics look fine but I am always a fan of natural daylight. I will narrow my drooling to two pieces... the fabulous sailboats and the ganesh. soft spots in my heart for both although that rainbow necklace is the bomb! I think all cabiies are out to take you for a ride... they learn that first in their customer service class...