Guess who, chicken poo....

I have my 1st graduated necklace to show you. Something about that step by step size change just has me hooked. Easy to fascinate me I guess.  Lots of goodies from shipwreckdandysupply, some lampwork, some African bronze and even a happyfallout.
You guys, I loved your sweet reactions to my dumb ol' house. 

This bracelet, based around a curved ceramic link from Grubbi, also has graduated beads. It also has a locket where I'm gonna put a whole buncha solid perfume in. And if I could engage even more senses, I would. Edible MP3 earrings to come.
Here's a couple tiny buddhas I resined onto this metal from cookie cutters. Below, shipwreck beads and crystals wearing hats. These are like my crown charm caps but they looked more like the capitol building than crowns.

Here's some more bead graduation. The metal bottom bits are archeological finds.

 More archeological find dangles. Remember we were talking about the difficulty of balancing bar and threes? No such problem with straight drops. Though, what am I talking about, balancing these funky ear wires right is a pain too. But proly just cuz I made them way too long this time.

These hollow glass rounds are from clbeads.
And here again, archeological find drops and faceteds from shipwreck. One of these has a chili pepper on it! It came to me slightly curved which makes me think it was a ring, I hammered it flat.
And all the archeology is from Alchemyshop. I loved what I got from them, the actual pieces were very strong and resilient, not like some archeology I've known.
 These above and below are triple wrap bracelets. I think I might have made them too snug. But yeah, a new kind of destash....
       Someone requested a juicing report. I've been doing it like 2x a week. Still good, still delish. I'm just much lazier about going to the store for supplies in this whether. Juicing consumes buckets of veggies. 
       Switch the wall for my table and this is basically me trying to keep up with all my jewelry ideas:
      My class is getting closer and I'm getting nervous! Starting to organize my supplies...
      I feel like there's a question maybe in the comments that I forgot to answer somewhere. To repeat: I love questions, they make me feel important, but sometimes it takes a few tries to break through my state of permanent space-out.


Wildthorne said...

The triple wrap bracelets are a great way to destash. I love the dark floral piece, also your long ear wires remind of butterfly proboscis in the best of ways... nectar sippers. I am late on the house tour but you at 4!!!!! That picture makes my heart jump and do squeezy things. Aww gnomey will love the title of this post.

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

I like wrap bracelets, I love the versatility and I generally make mine large enough to be necklaces as well. Who doesn't like a piece of jewelry that pulls double duty?

alteredarcheology said...

A plethora of gorgeousness. Wrap bracelets are fun!

betweenreader said...

Love the graduated idea using various things; it gives unity while showing off the idea. Very fine!

Beatnheart said...

stealing the wrap bracelets idea...if only i had that many cool beads