Guess what? Chickenbutt!

 Here's an over-the-top chunky chunk for the patroness.

Hard to know what to do with so many huge chunky beads. I'm thinking Imma make some many-wrap necklace without focals just to use them up. And I'm really into these hoops I made.

 What small beads I had I used in this piece.

I did some resining, here with a galaxy.
 'Member thus old piece? I jazzed her up for the patron.
Using the rest of the small beads and some of my own smalls, then filled the cavity with resin and a tiny bit of glitter just to try it out. Subtle, but improved.

Here's these with the wrapped circles we were discussing. Shortened the ruby drops. I like them!

These, again with resin. Pyrite crumbs and rainbow titanium chunks. I got all these gold bezels from here, along with a lot of my ring bases and some bead cap cones. It's that matte gold stuff from Turkey/Israel but for the lowest price I could find.
Speaking of ring bases...

An especially special mounted ring. Special because it's bigger, on really cool embossed tin and with prongs.

OK, I'm super in love with these earrings.

The elements came together perfectly. Unfortunately the pictures look like poop. Doesn't really convey all the wonderful finishes and glowy goodness going on. What I like is the balance between the gold and oxidized.

And there's a little locket for a globule of solid perfume! OMG, I love them so much.
One World. chandelier earrings boho mystical grungeBeatnheart commented, "Your just a bar and a stick sound simple enough and perhaps they should be but mine end up a tilted loopsided skewed up mess that earrings that proll should take an hour to make take me three..."
Which reminds me I totally forgot to give you props for inspiring me to make some more bar with threes again! Check it:
Solo in The Spotlight.  dangle earrings primitive tribal modern
Of course all I do is fiddle with balance and move things one millimeter. And the more you do it the better you'll be at it, is all I can say.
Doorway out of the dark.  Springtime golden yellow dangle earrings primitive tribal modernWrecked and Wasted. dangle earrings  bohoDisciple of Truth. dangle earrings assemblage bohoBrother Sun Sister Moon. dangle earrings primitive tribal modern And when I went to copy you mine turned out nothing like yours: Volur, the Wand-Carriers.  purple assemblage earrings wiht ceramic and gemstone dangles


Beatnheart said...

I am sitting here with my jaw dropping ...thanks Yoda, mighty kind of you to mention me here in the bible.

martinisfor2 said...

Sooooo much eye candy... I missed all my favorite bloggers being without internet. I dream about being your patroness by her mailbox waiting for your daily goodies. You inspire us all!

Beatnheart said...

Ah ma gad... Look at me speechless..thank you Yoda for putting my stuffs here in the bible...
I guess your kiddies are learning something after all.
Thank ye so much...xxcynthia

Flotsam Tide said...

Aww I love those earrings too, they reminded me actually of the cover photos of your oxidizing tutorial in a way. Perfect examples of contrast... So what do you say after "Guess who?" "E' always answers... "chicken poo". :)

Sparrow said...

So I'm guessing the patroness likes blue? I mean it's just an idea, something that's come to me through long and careful observance.

jewelinthelotus said...

Just absolutely love your stuff! That's all I got... but I mean it form the bottom of my heart. maybe someday I can take a class!

OneArtistHand Oah said...

You have a great eye for beauty.

Your pieces are intricate and unusual.

I haven't seen a blog that houses artistic pieces quite like yours.

Keep up the good work.

Your pal OAH :-)

HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

Gorgeous blue stones\beads everywhere!! And those ruby chunks are amazing!!!!!

Shari Replogle said...

I'm in love with all of the blues you used . Especially the gorgeous over the top chunky! It's wonderful .

Guess what chicken butt, and guess who chicken poo was big in our house too. Not quite sure how that got started :)