odds and ends. and odd ends.

While I'm sleeping little elves crawl over my keyboard and order the most gorgeous things off etsy for me.
I'm always delighted to see what surprises come in the mail. My present obsession is graduation. Duh, of sizes, not from school. I'll have some to show soon enough I'm sure.
I got these goodies from here and here
I got this brass hardware piece from Uruguay, of course, but couldn't make the shape work.
It occurred to me that some backing and dimension would give it more import so I cut and sanded a tin.
Then used some of my cheap ebay labrets as make-do rivets. The actual ball ends of the labrets stood too high so I glued some beads on as stoppers. Then the brass piece, tube beads to keep them up, tin piece. Here's the back. I tell you this because one gal was saying she wanted extreme close-ups of everything with detailed ingredient lists and explanations of everything. Well, that won't happen, but this was worth explaining some. I'm pretty proud of it. I tried hammering the top metal stub bits but nothing much happened.
Some earrings.

Some saint guy's face got mauled by a bear here. I also am using these little crown charms as caps of sorts. An idea I had.
Peeenk. And grungy.
Here's some bar and threes. As I not officially dub them. You can't tell but there's mop buttons here at the bottom of the large beads.
See? More crowns. Here when the balance was lopsided I just added beads to the left til balance was once again restored throughout the kingdom.
Something for the patron, who, as the eagle-eyed Sparrow pointed out, favors blue. Here I should mention she sent lots of kuchi, which is why these little dangles are appearing everywhere.
Speaking of sparrow-eyed penny, I mentioned to her I was making some DIY druzy and she demanded a picture. So of course that means everyone has to see it. Its just pyrite crumbs in resin. Well, it's not the best thing in the universe but it's considerably prettier than this picture suggests. In fact, the one with less pyrite and more resin is the prettiest. The second of those bezels I mentioned last post.

While we're here, taking pictures of WIPs at the table, hows about we take a glance at the table overall?
 I told you that ever since the patroness sent a million things I've let them take over the dinner table, yes?
 Walking around, you can see a box is there chock full of stuff still.
Look, here's the wall behind the table with some of my old collages.
 This is one of the very 1st things I made when I first got medicated. His genitals came out a lot bigger than intended.
Here's some vintage prints from Uruguay, bought on the street for maybe $10 each. Signed and numbered from the 60s. 
 Hub dedicated the mantle to only Uruguay-themed things. 
My artist uncle who passed made the overlapping thing. His daughter made the butterflies and flowers based on some Chinese cut paper bits I sent her once. He made his wood-burning tool himself out of an old washing machine motor somehow. 

On top, he and I, bottom, cousin and his gal. After years in college several friends admitted they'd always thought these mates were some kind of African penis gourds that I displayed.

Here's a photo of me that my grandma always loved. She tells me this story every single time I see her. How I was only 4 (or whatever I was) and when she went to take my picture I got all in this cute pose with my hands turned up. Hm. So I was vain and self-conscious since birth? Thats nice.

My uncle carved these pretty things. And behind some stuff you can see my mom looking all sexy 70s style. 

Angel heads from Mexico. Why am I showing you my house? I started with the table and couldn't stop. 

As you can see, IKEA's been good to me. There's our old TV just sitting like it was planted there. We never notice it.

Here's the 25 year old avocado tree that dad grew from a pit that I recently killed when I tried to switch it to a bigger pot.

Another artwork from before I made jewelry. One thing I love about jewelry is that it defines its own limits- like, it has to be wearable, comfortable and flattering. Wall art just had no limits to me. I couldn't pick a style or medium, too many options.
Wow, this is like my never-ending posts from way back. I do smaller batches but more often now, can we all agree that's better?  And how hilarious is Beatnheart: "Thank you Yoda for putting my stuffs here in the bible." Now my head's too swollen to hold upright.


Juliette Williams said...

Love seeing your walls of artwork. Especially the last piece, it's beautiful! And your uncle's woodcut? How talented. Wow.

Okay that picture of you is VERY cute. Hah!

I'm a bit jealous of your patroness' gifts, but honestly if I had to make all that into jewelry - how long do you have to do it all?

Star of the East said...

Lovely use of color in your house :)

13 said...

I used to watch a show called through the key hole and it showed the inside of the house and you had to then guess who lived there. I think your art and bright walls is a giveaway. Love that lime green and dark pink. I want to see your dressing table, cos I'm that nosey.

Sparrow said...

zomg- you've ruined my visions now- here I was thinkin' your house was all white walls and dark floors, cause...i don't know. But jesus it's a technicolourist's dream! Unfortunately this means I'll never be able to stay in your house, cause I'm allergic to bright colour. No really. How will we ever stay in love now?!?

Also I love that last print, I would even buy it. If you wanted to sell it. It strangely reminds me a lot of my old collage work. That's how self-centered I am, I only buy stuff that looks like I made it. Oh yeah, ego plus.

Rebecca S. said...

I want to pick up the little girl you and smooch the crud out of her! She/you could not be even a speck cuter! And I didn't think it would be possible to enjoy your posts more, but I love seeing what is in your house, love all the bright colors and artwork! If you posted 500 pics in a single post, I would pore over every last one of 'em....

The latest necklace is so wonderful, there is some watery crap leaking out of my eyeballs.

(I did it: I posted a comment!)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous as always!!! Would love to know what the aqua blue beads you wire wrapped onto the circle earrings w/ ruby drops from you post on 3/13.

neshuma said...

Gawd, this just sated my marinaminutia fix for the next 5 weeks. But girl, PLEASE~! I did not suggest that you should provide step-by-step clarifisplainage and macrophotography for everything. You'd never
get anything done. We'd be bereft of all those ersatz references to genitalia, the house tours, familial anecdotes,
the hygiene updates, and the effects of fresh juicing...Oh wow. That juicing report is long overdue...

Sharon Driscoll said...

Wow - as always. If the tri-drop earrings aren't sold I want them. I really need little skulls for my ears but crowns will do. I'll feel pretty!...bwahahahahaha. The new stash is interesting. I went to the site and was watching things disappear before my eyes. I was going to get the coral hearts I thought they'd be way cool to put cages around and by the time I was done perusing the page they were gone. Whew!

Really - if they're not already sold list them for me....please.

Beatnheart said...

Wow...someones kitchen table who has more stuff on it than mine...makes me feel a bit better...

house tour was fun.

little girl pitch adorable...
i have one of me at that age and I’m fussin with some little object in my hand...taking it apart no doubt..but still revealing to me as it shows at a young age I was already tinkering.

yay...a good anonomous person with something nice to say.

yay Rebecca s. out of the closet at last.

what site is Sharon Driscoll taking about? did I miss
something? i want what she wants/has...

Sharon Driscoll said...

The site was the one mentioned in Marina's post...with the coral and sea shells. Where she purchased them from here and here...back up to the beginning of this post and you'll see, Beatnheart. I went to look at those sites and while I was on page two - page one got smaller by a couple of items. Fanciful is having an affect of the economy of many! :-). And I don't have any...I was just lookin' and thinking (apparently a little too long!). HAHAHA

annamei said...

I fell in love with your dining table:)

Jiorji said...

why no pictures of the dog?? WHY NO PICTURES OF THE GOGGIE?!??!?! :'(

way to go on that avocado tree. tsk. tree killer. i've been thinking of attempting to grow one myself but the pits keep rotting