It's blizzarding in Chicago, with tons of fluffy snow everywhere. Bingo is very excited and bouncy, since snow is basically doggie cocaine. Then they sniff in it and come up with a little snow mound on their shnozzles looking like Scarface in the coke mountain scene.
Here to warm you cockles (no, not cocks, that doesn't even make any sense!) some new joolz.
The sun, that's warm. But there's more of a cool feel to this.And the moon, that's cold.
So but wait, this is an antique book page that's been resined then cut and sort of trapped into this tin and stitched with wire on the sides where it was popping up. I'm digging this.

This I'm not so sure about. It might be a hot mess. 
So that's a buckle from a archeological dig. But then I added this heavy filigree to the back and it might be too random. Too much shit going on...
Then there's some cosmic rocks. 
 On adjustable rings with gold leaf.
A second one. 
Here's these with wire findings in a chandelier-ish style. And lotsa color. 
 The following batch is for the patroness.
I used colored pencils on these kuchis, just cuz.
Here we see some stones. The kind of stones that I just had to really focus on not looking at the little price tags that were still attached. I don't even know if I like this pair, I guess I just wanted to use them up. Suggestions? Help?
These I like. 

Shit is it SIX PM ALREADY? Where did the day go? You guys. I feel vaguely sad and I don't know why. I feel like such a shlub. Other than the makies I mean. I had to take an energy drink to get myself to wash our bed sheets for the 1st time in, like, a year. I spend like 4 hours just reading novels every day. Sigh. Someone cheer me up. 


owlparty said...

The moon/buckle cuff is fine. the texture of the filigree echoes the moon surface.

gretchen said...

it could be the weather and lack of sun....it's a bad time for a lot of people. Take you D, more than it says on the bottle, my doc tells me this.
plus there is the whole artists work alone, because it's how we work, and you don't really interact with people everyday (which can also be good, if the people are dorks and don't get the whole artist mindset and our weird needs) If it was nice out, even if it isn't, maybe you need to give yourself a play break and take the pooch for more of a walk. Get the stink off, my dead mil used to say.
your work rocks, you see things most of us miss and make combinations that shouldn't work, but do. I hope you feel better soon.

Flotsam Tide said...

"A businessman boarded a plane to find, sitting next to him, an elegant woman wearing the largest, most stunning diamond ring he had ever seen. He asked her about it.

"This is the Klopman diamond," she said. "It is beautiful, but there is a terrible curse that goes with it."

"What's the curse?" the man asked.

"Mr. Klopman."

Ok maybe it wasn't that funny of a joke, but jewelry jokes are hard to come by. Don't be down my friend. Are you juicing still? Salmon, blueberries, and sushi are always my suggestions for the blues, though not all together.., or yummy Thai food.. curry is good. I like the boulder opal earrings just as they are.., and ok I am getting distracted by the fish with the transparent head...what?

Anonymous said...

hahaha!- haven't thought of that Scarface scene in 4ever ;) or COCKles!! ;) Funny, its cold & depressing in SF now too. whatever.
Please save the chandelier earrings for me. Please.

HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

And again, beautiful designs! With the chandelier-ish pair being my favorite today!

Hang in there! The sun will be back!

13 said...

Can't tell any jokes but I can recommend a bit of Father Ted
Tim Minchin
And a bit of Eddie Izzard
Love those sun earrings and liking the blue and red gems in your Patroness's earrings.

prnile said...

I wish I had your life, I would love to be able to make jewelry, instead of my day job.
P.S. I am a proper jeweller

Anonymous said...

smoke a big fat joint ;)

Beatnheart said...

Yeah like flotsam says have a salmon shake...

Or a sushi shake which always cheers me up to no end...

I'd be bummed out too if I was sleeping in a smelly bed.

Maybe if you have some Fanci advice...how's about telling yer faithful some tidbits on how to start selling more stuff... Fanciful secrets...

Michelle York said...

The downside of Genius...

Sharon Driscoll said...

I love the chandelier earrings too. The other ones - the ones you need help with just seem a little empty at the top...like maybe they need wrapped chips areound it or maybe a donut shape of tin for that beautiful stone to lay on. I dunno.

As far as the "winter sadness" - I agree - take the pooch out and get sun and air. Stop for coffee or tea. Blueberries, fresh fruit salad, turn on music and dance around the house. Reading the book is okay....you just have to look at this as an energy recycling time where you are just taking a little respite for the next huge explosion of creativity. It's coming - I promise.

Patty said...

I think it's the time of year. Enough
snow, enough short days, etc. I feel
a similar lassitude in every part of
my life except making stuff. Thank
heavens for that part, right?

Laura said...

It's being alone all day that gives us all the blues. I don't work outside the house and my hubs travels. I swear it makes me crazy, and then I get sad and start crying over animal YouTube videos. That's when I pick up the phone and call my sister or I force myself to exercise.

And changing sheets is the worst chore EVER. I hate it.