Giveaway winner, what I do when not sleeping.

dgmidkiff- congratulations! You win the giveaway necklace. Which is fitting since they're sort of raku colors. Why, you all don't recognize dgmidkiff? Of course not, why would you? I bet you recognize the wonderous and strange wonderousstrange though, hu? Remember gals, if your facebook/flickr/etsy/blogname/blogusername/tweets/etc identities match up, everything that you do on-line will re-enforce your brand identity. That means it's basically free advertising. I told you this before. I'll get off my soapbox now. Go look at wonderousstrange's blogpost celebrating a year without cancer, showing a bunch of awesome new work, AND going on about yours truly for a bit there. *blush*
New Design Chaco Canyon Fossil Raku Fuchsia Purple Pendant
Two  Primitive  Angel Buttons ...Dark Angel Art Nouveau Guardian Angel Handmade Raku Shimmering   Cabochon
Some of the colors she achieves hurt my heart.

Haven't been sleeping, which leaves a lot of time free for my new addiction, awesomephilia.com. Here's some of the treasures found there.
"Argument I heard on the bus: no, n*ggah, gay bros can raise babies. Look at that warthog motherfucker and that ferret thing that raised Simba. And that n*ggah became king of motherfucking Africa."

Most of the stuff on awesomephilia is not animals, I should emphasize. Somehow though, animals is all I got. That and the gay bros raising Simbah.Meanwhile, the lovely Sharon Driscoll wrote a lovely post about a little package I sent her. Lovely.

So Jordi, about planting an avacado from a pit. I was 6 years old and I still remember dad did some fancy cutting to the pit then balanced it on some toothpicks before putting it in water. Here's a horrible doodle of what I mean. I remember because we were at the dinner table and I didn't know what he was doing. I think it was spontaneous on his part because he's like that. And now, all these years later, after seeing it grow from nothing.... sigh. It's his fault too he berated me into changing the pot. I miss that tree.

Susanne asked how I "treat the pictures you use in your jewelry?" Well, if you mean the moons, those are antique paper from a book that's been coated in resin then cut with scissors. Just resin! I use the cheapo easycast stuff, not the expensive ice resin stuff. I put a heat gun over it to be rid of any bubbles, making extra sure not to breathe in fumes. 

imageHere's some penguins chasing a butterfly.
I don't have any jewelry to show. Turns out you need to be awake to make it. Now worries, I'm still a happy, if murkey, camper.
Here's a bunch of redonk kids imitating a bunch of redonk owls.


Beatnheart said...

congrats on the winner...!!
and smart of you to award a prize to one of your suppliers...now that is using your head.

couldn’t watch kitty underwater...looked distressed and I felt so sad...bunny i loved

...crazy family? what da heck were they doing...

liked little prancy dog cause it wasn’t a real dog just a movie dog.

Beatnheart said...

oops...ie. avocado seed tree.

There wasn’t a hippie in the 60s and 70s who did not do this...it was as mandatory as doing macrame and embroidering on your jeans ...also plants from sweet potatoes was huge...kids didn’t have money then nor did they want money...just enough for a dime bag! and that was for a whole ounce....yikes...oh yeah...
tooth picks in da seed...balance offa a glass of water...keep it watered...watch it grow.

dgmidkiff said...

Yessss!! Can't not wait to wear 'me precious" and get bunches of compliments!! Thanks so much Your Awesomeness!! And to have you feature my work is the real prize:) I am honored:) I am sincere that you have inspired me to get off my butt and create some of my own finished pieces:) Have had a blast all day fusing with putting together ear rings. Not my usual gig:)

Thanks again!!

Subconscious Dad said...

but I was no hippie, OK Beatnheart? Never mellow. No flowers in my head. Just loved the deep green of an avocado leaf and wanted to have it in the house.

Wildthorne said...

Congratulations to wonderousstrange all around. Bunny slamming into kitty is adorable and too much! I like beatnheart's second comment LOL.
I wouldn't be surprised to see macrame in fanci's near future. :)

martinisfor2 said...

huge congrats to wonderousstrange!!

the bunny with the kitty is so cute but I couldn't watch the kitty underwater either!

Susanne said...

Thank you so much :) I actually bought some of the stuff yesterday, because after reading through a bunch of your older posts I figured you'd used resin for the moon-pictures too.
I'm super excited to try it out :)

Laura said...

HAHAHA! I want to say more, but HAHAHA the kids imitating the owls. Love them!

Unknown said...

I've never felt,....ah, so lovely. Congrats to the winner - it's a beautiful piece. LOL - I remember the potato's and seeds routine. We did love growing things and still do. Dime bags...hahahaha. Kitty in the water broke my heart too...