You So Punny.

You guys. Look at what 13 sent me:
Some of these were ughs but some really made me laugh. Also mom called me from work concerned that I was so terribly sad. "Mom, I said I was vaguely sad. And it was just me recovering from the energy drink." But I thought it was so cute that she called all concerned that I told the story at dinner. "And what this tells us is that Mom's checking my blog at work!"
"No, I read that the night before. So really I was worried all night."
D'AAWWWW! Moms are the best.
Anywonk, I cut up some tin and made some simple danglies with beads.
A Civil Haunting. The backs have paper.
These have some faceted grungy chunks from shipwreckdandysupply.
I love these:Handmade Polymer Clay Beads - 3 Picture Beads - Abstract Roses - Hand Illustrated Colorful Spring Floral Bead Set - Polymer Clay Beads 
and these:RESERVED - Custom Order for M - Hand Dyed Bone Beads - 4 Strands
These glass teardrops on almost all of them are called "Unicorne Tears" and they give you the pow of lampwork without the big-ass mass or price.
 And some sailboats, when I realized that the triangles looked just like sails.
And some chandelier's for the patrona.
And that's all for now.


Juliette said...

oh noooo.

I severely covet the patrona's chandeliers.

Penelope said...

Oh MY those ones with the ladies and the film strips! I wish I still wore dark colours so I could buy them.

So funny how we work on similar things without knowing, I just started cutting out a bunch of tin shapes as well!

Also, saints of salvage? THAT IS US. Now we need a tv show. We can be like those idiots in the cowboy boots who buy stuff and turn it into lights. Except we'd be good.

Tribalis said...

cute those saints on top..I like them..
Send a big hug to your mom.. and you come here to my lap and I will make you a little "cafune"(cafune
Web definitions(Portuguese) – to repeatedly run your fingers through someone’s hair. Usually done in a soft and affectionate manner..), something that just the mothers know how to do to scare this little sadness..come! come!!!!

Flotsam Tide said...

Shipwreck's beads are wonderful! I love that rose set as well, and her dyed bone is awesome. Your tin shapes are very sleek (my favorite), and those sweet little boats... they make me happy and remind me of children's books and Sundays in the park.

alteredarcheology said...

Those little sail boats say it all. You are physically immersed in all that freezing gray weather but your mind is in the Caribbean! They remind me of my childhood, my family sailed every weekend, thanks for the sweet memory.

StaroftheEast said...

Love those sail boats!

alek said...

a civil haunting - brilliant !