I was threatening to do a religious penance necklace and here it is:
 And here it is at a jaunty angle:
I got these huge rhinestone balls special just to balance out the massive amount of tribal going on. It's... well, it's something all right. Also quite heavy. That's a brooch from patroness that I mounted on a teardrop-shaped... tart tin? that sparrow sent ages ago and i sorta flattened. Then put a very ancient thimble with a pre-columbian bead... and left all wonky b.c i was tired by then and decided it was great that way.
Also, this was so heavy I used my these:
Add a Choker with the ends clipped off, which you can get for almost nothing on etsy, because I needed super strong stringing material and that stuff could hold up a bridge.
 Here's a more... civilized piece, based around a bracelet cuff by Nicky Butler. I took advantage of a missing stone to hang a focal. I also snipped off the links between the violet marquis stones along one side so that the piece could curve like a necklace, then I used all those empty hoops to dangle bronze skull beads. Notice I didn't hang one bead per hole, but rather added wire loops for an interesting, less-crowded and easier construction. I mention this to say, I used eyepins for those wire connections, making my job way, way easier. Here is an in-depth look at how I did it:
1. That's an eyepin. 
2. Make a loop going the same way as the eye. 
3. Hold it in the middle with your round pliers and bend both ends down with your toes. I guess your hands are  busy picking your nose...

I think one of the reasons I seem to be so much faster than others is that I think of shortcuts like using eyepins in this instance. I also keep an assortment of eyepin sizes so I don't have to be snipping off long ends. All these little details help save time and effort. In other words, I'm a cheater cheater consumer of pumpkins.
 Here's a graduated one with lots of goodies ...
Including lots of greybirdstudio beads which I fell in love with b/c of the way they cradle the more spherical beads I put next to them. I had to stop myself from using all of them at once.
Speaking of the great and powerful bird of grey, guess what the fuck I got in the mail just today just now?
 OHMAYGAAAA- what is this?!?! What's that peeking out of the mass of fiber fluff?
 OHMAYGHAAAA Look what it is!!!!
And wassat?

 OHMAYGHAAAA--- she told me she was sending some stuff, which already had me spazing out, but I certainly did NOT expect this quantity.
And look, in the fibrous stuff, there's like a curl of white... hair? If you can even see. What is that?

I felt like this fluff was too cool to waste so 1st I tried tearing it up like I could get it all to go the same way like they do with those combs they use to... comb it? They look like dog brushes. That accomplished nothing so I tried rolling it into little turds. Now it looks like something your stuffed animal might poop. Thought I'd share this very important aspect of the giftee experience.

But just.... really.

And here's a blurry image of the concave thing I meant about how they cradle the round beads. And now I'm gonna not use these for a while since I know if I do they'll have come and gone without ever feeling truly mine. So, I finally have that hoarding feeling everyone else talks about!


Beatnheart said...

i just went into my padded room and started to scream at the top of my lungs because not only did you steal my girlfriend away from me, but , because she gave, did you say gave you? all of that divine treasure trove of her wonderous makings... shit you mofo i’m gonna come to chicago and beat you up...

So the two goddesses of the universe hook up? so where does this leave Sparrow...you two timing l.w.

Sparrow said...

You have wronged me. At least beatnheart says so, and I'm happy to go with that because I am heavy with ladycurse and looking for something to moan about. Look at all that treasure. I hate you. Give me the wool stuff! I know just what to do with it.

Kimberly said...

I have two words for you...N V!...
No, those are letters that sound like one word.
How about this?.. Greybird envy. Yeah, I got it too.
I want to cradle in them, nest and nestle in them too.
I'm glad you can experience the hoard emotion on these cause I have a theory that maybe we add energy to the pieces if we hold on to them for a bit adding to the supply DNA or something like that.

Gardanne said...

All that wonderful stuff and all I remember are "turds from a stuffed animal."

Dawn Williams said...

I love all your pieces but that second necklace in purples is my fav. So pretty! When I can afford it I vow to purchase one of your pieces! You are spectacular!

HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

Love the colors in your new pieces! And the Greybird goodies are amazing!

Wildthorne said...

Look at those bright beautiful chunky strands! Loving the injection of color, big pieces are hard to balance well and you do it beautifully. Little cocoons are what those fibers are... how kind greybird was to share her bounty with you.

13 said...

See we give you cool stuff...the beatles, the rolling stones, Grey Bird and her cousin Robyn, and Petra. So you can forgive us Simon Cowel and and One Direction.
P.S Me and Cyn are going to come round and "Blow your bloody doors off"

alteredarcheology said...

What you put out into this universe is what you get back out of it. Does our Ms. Fanci not give us so many of her magical techniques? Ideas? Secrets? That other artists would guard? She deserves every box of cool free loot that comes her way. Hell, I feel compelled to give her stuff but I have nuthin cool enough to give! What I can give is loyalty to following this blog.
You've proven you can work on a massive torturous scale! Adore these gigando pieces!!

martinisfor2 said...

I am officially on the NNNNNVVVVVers list. I agree with altered archeology, we all feel compelled to send you stuff just to see what you would do with it. Nothing could ever compare to the treasures you receive daily.

My fav neck garland is the graduated one. Just beauteous my dear!

Sharon Driscoll said...

OK, I'd prefer enlightenment - but this NNNNVVVVVVVV thing is catching. I've got it too. But what I am thankful if all of the tutorials and suggestions to guide us along...she's our mentor