Sparrow and I have decided to start doing something she named "Failure Friday", since everything on makey blogs is always so cloyingly upbeat.
My failure comes in the form of a few items that I thought were really cool but then never sold. These I thought were such a cool little collection of bits, sort of a cabinet of curiosities. And I've had so much luck with earrings where things dropped off in a row.
Abode of Ineffable Things. Victorian Tribal Vintage Assemblage Collection Earrings.
One solution I considered was adding a buncha pretty chains:
Whereas Sparrow suggested re-doing them on some hoops, which I'm sure she's right cuz hoops sell-->
What do you guys think?

These are what I think of as 'slab' earrings, hanging straight down off a post.Little Red and the Dragon. Salvaged Tea Tin Earring Posts.
Little Red and the Dragon. 
Maybe I need to model them to show how sexy they look when worn?  Sparrow suggested curving them into hoops, but then you'd loose the lady somewhere under your ear.... I also priced them quite, I think, low for how hard it is to have found such perfect tin pix.... Suggestions?
There are other things that haven't sold (like these, this, this, these, these, this, this... and everything else in the shop) but maybe cuz a lot of them are expensive necklaces.... But these are the real stand-outs. Any suggestions, peeps?
I'm suffering from da pims something awful and I'm a bit scared to go into my overcrowded studio. Yesterday i took a 5hr energy to clean it out and ended up cleaning some but mostly making lots of stuff... today I'll ox and tomorrow share pix. I love your guys and your supply envy. These huge ass beads are kinda kicking my ass tho.
And now to re-instate an old tradition. Cute animals for when fanci is feeling shitty.
This cat is achieving sudden self-awareness:

This one's just awesome:




Uhm…what? Science! 

I know I'm overwhelming your 'puters about now w/all these gifs but come on! This must be shared:



Each ball weighs differently, causing each one to bounce to a specific height, and when precisely placed in the dust pans and thrown down… 2013

Thats the most amazing thing ever. I cant stop staring

Omg this is so cool
Each ball weighs differently, causing each one to bounce to a specific height, and when precisely placed in the dust pans and thrown down… 2013    (doilookgay)

And here is the image that has frightened me the most of anything I've seen in probably the last 10 years. A mutant daisy. Oh my god it freaks me the fuck out! So I'll disperse the fear by spreading it out among you all.


Unknown said...

Sparrow is right - cannibalize the earrings and save the tops - make the top pieces into the ends of a funky bracelet with strands of stuff. Recycle the dangling stuff into the hoops.

martinisfor2 said...

I really like sparrow's idea of re~doing the earrings into hoops. You have bits and baubles on them that would fall amazingly from hoops. Most of us earring fiends gravitate toward hoops of all dimensions.

Love your cat seeing his reflection! My two are so funny when they see themselves. Still giggling!

Skye said...

Okay... stalker deciding to actually comment here ;) I always think ' oh yeah I'll comment this time'... then I get distracted by reading all the comments already there.. >.<

Anyhoo... the slab earrings... maybe because they're on a post? I don't like posts that hang straight.. there's no sway or movement and they just rub or scratch my neck.. maybe if you make them into dangles, instead of posts?

And the top one... add the chains and toss it back in the shop, and if it still doesn't go, then remake it like Sparrow says. I wanna say make it a three looper instead of a five.. but that's cutting and kinda permanent.. plus you'd have to re-balance all over again, and then have these little cut off loops laying there all sad like.. >.<

Numinosity said...

Failure Friday, I love it. I think I could get behind that blog meme.
I think I would go with Sparrow's idea on those.
And the slabs just need to be made into dangles I think.
Does anyone wear posts anymore? I mean people who like assemblage style.
sorry about your pims, I be pimless these days but it's a trade off for not so dewy skin anymore.

Alice said...

Failure Friday....I've got lots of failures, starting with the fact that it's half way through April and I have only made three things since January, and they were easy earrings! Epic Fail!

Thanks for sharing, though you can keep that creepy daisy.

Unknown said...

I like the first pair, but I think if the top was curved(if that were even possible w/ those bars?) they would be different earrings. I really like the second pair, so much that~they are now mine!

betweenreader said...

ohhhhhh noooooooooooo it isn't reallllll eeeeeeeeeee. That daisy will give me bad dreams.

The bars with things dropping off: I would first suspend the assembly under an interesting bead, so they would hang lower beneath the ear, then add some chains and a tad of color. The sticks are divine as they are.

Lela said...

If I did Failure Friday, blogger would crash.

richelle said...

Oh...my god. That mutant daisy is absolutely horrifying. Deeply disturbing and threatening. It takes the simplest, sweetest, familiar natural form and perverts it with an impossible thickness, gets it all wrong with multiple faces...echh. Like it thought, "...Guess this is where all these white things should probably go..." as it was growing itself. It's as if it's only masquerading as a daisy but is so thoughtless and alien that it doesn't even understand the concept of 'flower'- and just cannot contain its dreadful abominable monstrous self. I hate it.

PipnMolly said...

"that big belly reminds me of my mom's gordita" thanks for the laugh.
The only thing that bothers me about the top earrings is a lack of cohesive grunge on the metal bits?
Love the tin but get the need for swing. 2013 balls a mindfuck.

tia o'c said...

"Abode of Ineffable Things" are one of my favourites etsy items. I had now idea they were still available, I thought they were gone long time ago. They are fabulous, unique. Leave them as they are :-)

Penelope said...

I think the general consensus is... DO WHAT SPARROW SEZ. Cause you know, that sounds like a good idea.

I cannot get my brain to believe the ping pong ball one, just...no one is that clever. That daisy fucks with my head something CHRONIC. It's like a hybrid of a video game glitch and a ghost from The Real Ghostbusters, which is only the single greatest cartoon series in the history of everything ever. But I still want to be friends with the daisy because everyone is scared of it. I think that says a lot about me.

Wildthorne said...

Well the slab tin earrings have already sold, I liked them as they were... they remind me of the Chinese New Year cake tins my mom would bring home. I am always pro hoops.. what is up with that daisy? ACK!

richelle said...

Forgot to comment about the earrings. I like them on the connectors, but I am partial to chandelier style. I like the chains idea, but only because I think they could use a sense of dark 'outlining' or definition to break up the overall cream color. The only problem with chains is that it can easily become too messy visually or practically with stuff getting entangled. I also think adding some kind of rhinestones in darkened settings could really make them stand out but keep the overall look. Maybe attaching a little row of them horizontally across the connector, or even switching out the vials for something more defined.

alteredarcheology said...

I've come to realize everything sells...eventually. But if a design isn't sitting right with you for some reason wtf, go ahead and change it up.
That poor daisy looks like its had its DNA rearranged by the polluted environment around the nuclear test facility where it most likely is growing. :( thanks for freaking all of us the f*ck out!

Shel said...

Okay - the daisy freaked me out enough to comment this time, too!! LOL!! I think the hoop idea Sparrow said about the first pair of your 'failures' (as you said) would rock. As for the post/slab earrings,..maybe not a complete bending into a hoop, but possible a slight arch/curve so the 'lady' is prominent,....that would add depth and interest to their already beautiful state (I like them). And the kitty - my son just showed me this yesterday on You Tube cause, in his words,...'Mom, this is right up your alley!" Not to mention he looks identical to "Momo" my sis's kitty, Cosmo!!