Blurry Beachies and some Blues

100 pairs (200 pcs) Earring Hooks/wires Antique Bronze,18mm hole: 3mm
You guys are too funny. For one, the tin slab posts sold, and for two, yeah I think some very grungy hoops will do it. Everyone's answers gave me some insight though. Like betweenreader who said, "I would first suspend the assembly under an interesting bead, so they would hang lower beneath the ear," which is interesting because I'm always about starting the earring right off the lobe, which is one reason I don't like traditional ear wires---->>>

 They start too low... but in this case the strong horizontal sorta clashes with lobe.  But hooping will be just as much trouble to me as connecting all those tiny chains. That's a pain, and I know hoops will (usually) sell.

OK, also, how relieved am I that I'm not the only one freaked out by that daisy?
Here's a new buncha stuff in the pales range. A bangle stack with some beachy bits, like two shells mounted on a matte gold bracelet finding.
 This necklace features a big copper Uruguayan sun coin which can be switched out. It's in this ingenious device which if you squeeze either end will release it.

 You can kinda see it from the back. No idea what it was for originally, but it's also from the U.

Hey guess what? Uruguay just made gay marriage legal! Is that crazy amazing? I'm so proud.  Wait, you can't really see the sun, hu? Crap. All my photos today are useless! Sad-sack Saturday? Self-pity Sunday?

Another paleish guy featuring my diy pyrite druzy, a mask Numinosity sent me from her Uru-haul, and a wreath from U I've had forever.
Another photo blur. Ugh....
[We could continue with Mopey Monday, Tragedy Tuesday (Trying Tuesday? Testy Tuesday?) , Whiney Wednesday and Thankless Thursday. ]

 This is a huge, massive piece I made for Patroness. All kinds of special bits, including the saddle ring.

An etsybud sent me "German Silver" Gilder's Paste, I rubbed it here and there. Like on that huge African bauxite - I glopped it on then rubbed it off, leaving a bit of sparkle in the recesses. 
Of course you can't see a thing in these pictures. But so I made my own superhuge piece just for the shop.

Can you even see anything?
Whatever, I made a green Patroness stack
With wool-wrapped bangles from greybird art yarn.

 Then I used some cosmic-color steel bangles to make these big hammered links for these mind-blowing Hebron beads. Again, Patroness. Her dangles, her ancient bell thing.

Her bits here too, except for my diy piryte druzy. I don't even know why I call it that but it makes sense to me.


beadybaby said...

Saddle ring! I need to get those ones I won from you out when Numinosity Kim evilly shared your blog, and do something to, or with them. Like maybe beat the rotten little kids at this weekend's craft fair with them and then ice resin the blood. OH I hate vendors who let their spawn run wild at a show because you know it's not gonna end until the show does. I know it's not alliterative or even poetic, but for me, tomorrow is "ultimatum Sunday." Like, get out of my booth, quit begging me for free stuff, go harass your mother for the rest of the day and leave me and my neighbor alone. She won't even give them a fricken dollar for a few beads, but also she is not keeping them in her booth and is letting them terrorize the voluntarily childless vendors who are more terrifed of any child, no matter how well behaved, than of snakes and spiders and (fill in the blank), put together, and these ones AIN'T behaved in any sense of the word. They might even be stealing from me. I know they're touching my stuff with sticky, orange eating fingers. :-( K, end of rant. :-) Cindy/beadybaby/wickedgoodbeadz/RPh BCPP MBA (look it up, I'm hungry now, and there's leftover pizza upstairs!)

Star of the East said...

I LOVE your version of the days of the weeping week. It cries for embroidered tortured tea towels to wipe our filthy fingers on.

alteredarcheology said...

Just W O W....just everything...I'm just speechless. I could live inside those wooly bangle stacks

Shel said...

Okay - I'm commenting twice in a row cause you totally had me in stitches w/the Sad-Sack Saturday, Self-Pity Sunday or Whiney Wendesday thing! I'm game for any of those - they sound more interesting than "Failure Friday" and I think that, at times, we all need to bitch and moan! LOL!! As for your pics, they are not blurry or too bright - they rock and you can can see everything clearly. Hence, the drool all over my keyboard this morning! :-) I love to stop by your blog and just gaze at your designs - thanks for starting my morning off right!

Boot ~C said...

there is a special show in hell for those vendors!

Wildthorne said...

"We could continue with Mopey Monday, Tragedy Tuesday (Trying Tuesday? Testy Tuesday?) , Whiney Wednesday and Thankless Thursday."

ok here is my excessively annoying buoyant antidote....


shake your moneymaker, and grin....

Sharon Driscoll said...

I am Jonesing for the Patroness's necklace with the harness ring. I love that piece. It has all of those skulls on it and it hangs so great. How many old ladies (like me) do you think I could scare in the local Walmart store while wearing that? Plenty I bet. Beautiful Marina - just beautiful.

martinisfor2 said...

The new bangles and necklaces are fabulous. My fav is definitely the swinging skeleton on the saddle ring. Although I am wiping the drool of the keyboard looking at the other pictures. I took out my masks and African fetishes on Friday and have been staring at them on the table. Now you've inspired me. Thanks.

Hope your week improves and you have a Miraculous Monday, Tantalizing Tuesday, ect, ect.

Louise said...

oh, so loving the beach one, it's amazing, it's an acumulation of sights, touch and smell from many beach walks, even those things we left behind but wanted to take, you have outdone yourself on this one. WANT. :) x

betweenreader said...

Oh that U-coin holder! Crusty white and pale, adorable. Also Weeping Week Tea Towels, I adore that idea! With funky retro embroidery on it. Moribuund Monday, Tragic Tuesday, Wiped Out Wednesday, etc., in black thread! You are a buncha brilliant artists, all.

Juliette Williams said...

LOVING the necklaces. ALL of them, and wishing your patroness would let us have some of her pieces.

And yes! I will take a stack of weeping week tea towels please.

xo J