It's Here! It's Queer...? Go buy it...

Holy Moley it's finally done! My sixth tutorial! Holy Jeebus! Here it is. OMG. My babies are eating tonight! (And by "babies eating" I mean "I won't have to feel guilty about not having a real job because tutes make some amount of money unlike everything else I do.") 
OK, here's the listing description for ya:

My latest tutorial teaches you everything you need to know to make these enchanting charms.
• Detailed step-by-step instructions with over 160 large color photos.
• Supply sources and prices, including possible alternative supplies
• Variations- specifically, step-b step instructions for using paper ephemera instead of iridescent flakes for an entirely different look. 

• Basic soldering skills required, but if you're rusty or unsure, I go over my process in detail including tips and tricks, and my preferred supplies. 
• Oxidizing and sealing the pieces after soldering.
• Step-by-step instructions with pictures on finishing these into dramatic necklaces as well as a gallery of finished items to inspire your creativity.
The PDF file will ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE for you to see, print, download via this link. I will happily give you the link again if ever you loose it. I will always be available for any questions/ comments you care to share. If you want a critique or clarification, please don't be shy to convo me!

And you know I love my blog bitches so I have a special coupon just for those who read along here. Enter code TENPERCENT by clicking "Apply coupon code" in your shopping cart right under "How you'll pay" to get 10% off this tute (and ONLY THIS TUTE, you sneakies).
But wait. There's more. If you're one of the people who wrote one of the last 100 comments I've received you get a special secret code for 25% off as a thanks for all the encouragement. Cuz I feel bad not answering each of you directly cuz I'm too disorganized to do that. So! I'm slowly making my way through the list, sending y'all the codes. If I haven't gotten to you, or if your username doesn't link to anywhere I can contact you, please feel free to shoot me an etsy convo for it. Cuz I love you dummies.

I think I contacted everyone for the special coupon, even if just to leave a note on a possibly-abandoned blog saying to convo me for it. The following people I wasn't able to contact at all:
Cindy L       Aneenomouse            maria                big mamabird             M Sand
Cecile Nichols              tempest in a teapot                dawn
So y'all need to etsy convo me for it. If you want. Or anyone who thinks I missed you, can't hurt to ask. 
Cuz I love you dummies.


Saraccino said...

I am so curious! Your work is always absolutely stunning and of course I had to get your tutorial just... now! :)


Unknown said...

U are amazing! I have no idea how u do this shit!! I will definitely be gettin' your new tute! Aloha, angi in hana

RomantiqueSoul said...

<3 <3 <3. I'm eating the tut ford dinner! Nah, jk, but I already read it and ordered stuff for it *tomorrow I hit Micheals and deplete it*. Thanks for making your techniques available! Much love girl!

Xena said...

the tuuuute is so awesome. As usual. Why am I not surprised

Beatnheart said...

I wanted it...I bought it ....I love it...

All your tutee are basically sharing your hard earned knowledge with all us (me) knuckleheads who can't figure this stuff out for ourselves...Not only does it keep you with bread on your table, or in your case, possibly on the floor, but it helps us to get your rad skills...share share share Marina...that what she does and that is one of the many reasons she is so awesome....

Skye said...

I love these, and I'm so happy you did a tute for them :) Unfortunately, I think it best that I resist any and all temptation to play with fire or chemicals in conjuncture with my creating... I'm incredibly messy and hazardous as it is, so it's best not to tempt fate >.< lol Which really sucks since I'd love to MAKE THESE!! :( Thanks for the heads up for the secret code, but I shall pass. I will however share the news so those of my fellow creative, but not too accident prone, friends can snap up a copy :)

Thoughtfulhands said...

This tute is great, got my glass and I am ready to make some stuff...
Thanks for sharing