Hi peoples. Today I have a cuff and earrings.Endsick.
Lookit! Bone! How did I get it in there? Via magic?

Or could it have been... cutting the bone on an angle then gluing it in?
Or was it magic?

Sangelous Commendaces.
Sangelous Commendaces.
How about these? Are they magic?

Sangelous Commendaces.
No but they're cute. Sort of. I hope. I hope someone thinks so, anyways.

I'll tell you what IS magic. The mailman made a box of wonderful things appear for me out of thin air! I know what you're going to ask- "Did you order those things you twit?" NO!

It was from yet another etsy buddy who just decided to give me stuff for no real reason! 
In fact she MADE these insane lampwork beads!!!!!!!!  These are just exactly the ones I've been looking for- not shiny or overly bright- organic and mysterious.

Lookit the white babies. Eeee!

And this teacup, can you stand it?

Little Charlottes.

A bajillion of these which Imna have to spread around among friends. Or I'll have supply overload panic again.

But look at this little set of cuties!

 And these white ones look just like cigarette holders. That's what I thought they were at first.

And eeeek! Druzy! Can you tell she used to sell supplies? 
Can you tell I'm so excited for my surgery I could just die? But remember, it's going to be a couple days til lefty actually works again. I don't wanna be getting, you know, letters of complaint, demanding to see new pieces. You animals.


stregata said...

I wonder how the bone will stand up to 'wear and tear' if you didn't use magic... which you probably did. Your carpal tunnel problems probably come from your wild waving of your magic wand...
That stash has got me on the floor, drooling my little heart out.
Wishing you all the best and speed recovery for your surgery.

Corvid Delights said...

That cuff is so cool.... the bone reminds me of a septum piercing. Love it! You have some real treasures in your new supplies. Take it easy though lady til lefty is healed... can't wait to see the flood of fanciful that will ensue in the nearby future. xo!

Cate said...

sending you healing light. I recently reconnected with your Etsy site and blog and am SO glad! Bought a pair of earrings awhile back that either grace my ears or a photo of my husband and me. What a treasure box of stuff waiting for your alchemy.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

You know, that bone cuff is sort of like a testament to your hand pains, innit? I mean symbolically. No I'm not drunk, I'm an artist!

Those supplies are giving me an internal hernia. Those lampworks!!! I WANT THEM. And that shield shaped thing- is it a stone? And there are some white bits I like too...

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

Kick Ass eye candy! What a glorious surprise to get in the mail! Good luck with the surgery - I had a friend do it and said it was the best thing she ever did!

Jennifer Valentine said...

I'll be thinking about you...sending you and your lefty good ju-ju for speedy healing...
Hey also? I'm never sending you any more farkin' goodies from my stash again. ever. so there. you have enough good stuff already.
well...I do have that one more awesome get well box to send, but after that? NO.