I re-did this necklace for the first before-n-after post I've blogged in years. I've been getting much better at making things so I've found much less reason to remake things even after they've been in the shop. But I think I was rushing to finish this one before my surgery so I was slapping on whatever was w/in reach.
This is before:
Note the chain that is way skinnier than any other elements and the closure that is way too big and and attention-getty. Also didn't love the crusty quartz there.
And now:
The Cats Eye Nebula.The Cats Eye Nebula.

I think it's simpler, to keep the attention of the focal where it creepily belongs. The Cats Eye Nebula.
As for my hand, it's totally anti-climactic. I don't even see a bruise and its barely sore. Thing is, this hand had more muscles to get through before finding the carpal tunnel- so shouldn't it be bruisier? Cuz I've had a lot of muscle loss in the right hand, and I guess not as much in the left, because of the shots I'd previously gotten... or because of just the CT? Who knows, I'm not a doctor.  Maybe lefty's doing better because I laid off it more before the surgery? Maybe because Mars is in retrograde? I think my surgeon mentioned something about that.
Oh, I sure know how to wrap myself in a blanket of LOLs!
WAIT. There is really good news. I'm typing with 2 hands like a person! Glory be unto the gods of manual dexterity, halle...halleluja ... halelluya.... haleluya haleluja hallelluja halelluja  Hooray!


Anonymous said...

can't you at least put a damn eyelid on that thing? the chain is exquisite, as always...and then......BAM! the eye.....
maybe it is because I have this "thing" about eye balls.....Idunno.
but I loves you, and your glass eyeball anyway.

stregata said...

So glad to hear your hand is good - ...luja!

richelle said...

If you consider that muscle loss=damage, then it makes sense that it would bruise more since there is less soft tissue present to carry lymph, water, etc. for healing. It's all pretty mysterious though--I had both mine done at the same time and they were pretty equally damaged but healed pretty differently and unexpectedly. Amazing you have no bruising or pain. Glad it's going so well.

betweenreader said...

Happy happy happy dance, yippity zippity! So happy for your hands to be working together. (Even though your pre-surgery work didn't betray any disability.) Pitch went into the mail yesterday.