Last night, I couldn't sleep. I think my carpal tunnel pain meds keep me up. I entertained myself by poking around the websicle for attractive storage for all my makings, of which there soon shall be much more, I expect. (My last day of dayjob is the 30th-eeee!) I started looking for block printers trays, or whatever they're called. The average price for an un-adulterated tray on etsy is over $50, including shipping.
Anywhoo, I finally got to sleep at 7 am and woke up at 3:40 pm. My husband leaves me notes about his walks with our dog, which he refers to as the "Poo Bandit" for some reason. Today's note mentioned Bingo not wanting anything to do with the book fair crowds. Book fair!
Before I even had my headache releiving coffee, I ran my boney ass through the start of a rainstorm, got there just as the downpour was starting and snatched up two uh-may-zing block printers trays - for $20 total! And no shipping!!! Plus I got the long compartments which are good for necklaces, having already jerry-rigged an earring solution. Just goes to show what living in a neighborhood called Printer's Row can getcha. Yes, two blocks away are a couple streets which were 100% dedicated to printing back in the day, and once a year these folks come out with more letter blocks than you can shake a stick at. You see these crowds trying their best to shake sticks at them, and they just can't.
This one sold, but it was my favorite.

Here's another. All different styles.
I should mention that all this was inspired by missficklemedia's new driftwood display pieces, which look nothing like these trays. Her pieces are more like for shows and fairs. Which I'm to lazy to join. If you aren't so lazy, go check out her new display collection. They're beautiful and actually rather reasonable, even for my cheap ass. Especially if you don't happen to live in Printer's Row.


stregata said...

How absolutely cool!!!!! I only ever see them with the small compartments. So jealous....

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Sometimes all you gotta do is ask, and Mr.Universe provides.

Funnily enough you must've been organising your studio at the same time I was. Mine's getting out of control- too many projects! And only 2 of them currently taking up workspace!

fanciful devices said...

organizing? never heard of it.