More Sneakies

These mofos keep getting by me! I tell my self I'm not gonna make anything, I insist I really mean it this time... next thing I know, I'm frustratedly editing photos and trying to think of tags.The Hidden Explanation.
The Hidden Explanation.
The Hidden Explanation.It's hot as a mofo today and this mofo's gonna see how many mofos she can fit into each and every mofo-ing sentence.

Cosmogyral Nepheliad.Cosmogyral Nepheliad.
I guess that's better than yesterday when my inner monologue had a speech impediment. As I wrote in a convo, "I'd weawy weawy wike it to end. It's vewy weiwd. It's wetawded."

Cosmogyral Nepheliad.

Also, wanted to share a convo gem from Sparrow. She wrote, "Is it just me or is there something a bit 'giant vagina and her little penis minions' about this thing:"
Followed by a link to this->
Vintage faux damascene patterned chandelier pendant X 1
To which I could only reply, "Never in my life would I have thought it possible to agree that anything was a bit 'giant vagina and her little penis minions'... and yet, there you go."
(My dad was just telling me he liked my previous post more than any other, though it may've been a bit dumbed down. This ought to balance things out.)


Spirited Earth said...

LMBO ..these are lovely,even if giant Vj and little P ish..
love ,love that druzy necklace,
B E U tiful

Corvid Delights said...

These mofos are just wonderful. I love The Hidden Explanation.... such balance and grace in simplicity.

maryharding said...

I love the way you combine elements in your necklaces. A visual feast.

maryharding said...
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steufel said...

Oh my - just love them!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I call it like I see it! And I am so beyond in love with the crystal on that Hidden necklace.