Two for the road.

What, you say, two more? Weren't you supposed to lay off lefty? Clearly I have issues.
The Cats Eye Nebula.
The Cats Eye Nebula.

The Cats Eye Nebula.

The Phage.
The Phage.

The Phage.
So my dad invited me and husband out to sushi to celebrate my upcoming surgery (tomorrow! eeeeee!!!).  I hadn't had sushi since my right hand operation. Now, I've always taken ridiculous pride in my chopstickage, but yesterday.... It was like my hand couldn't obey instructions! I was actually embarrassed that folks would think I was a po-dunk who didn't know how to use the sticks instead of  the worldly chick I think myself to be. I couldnt get the sticks to come together- it's like my muscle memory was lost. And it even hurt. So frustrating! Deliciously, scrumptiously frustrating!
CorvidDelights wrote: "No worries I am sure that you'll resume your ninja chopstick skills after your second surgery." To which I had to answer: "Unless lefty starts inexplicably slapping my face each time I go to take a mouthful, my 2nd operation will have no effect on my eating."
Really hope that doesn't happen.


Regina said...

Have a good day at surgery folowed by a speedy recovery!

stregata said...

"Unless lefty starts inexplicably slapping my face each time..." - well, that would probably be a real nuisance, but interesting to watch.
Speedy recovery!

fancylinda said...

Best wishes, and I hope you will regain normal use of your left hand again real soon!

Jennifer Valentine said...

uuummmmm.....the eyeball is a bit unnerving for me, but I'm certain it will sell immediately! I'm loving your use of bones tho....and of course I am wondering where in the world you found an eyeball.....?

fanciful devices said...

where do you think? uruguay, of course! on a table full of all sorts of strange odds and ends, on the street.

Corvid Delights said...

My daughter says she will send you some hollow sugar snap pea pods to use as interim chopsticks... they are much easier. And anyone who posts excerpts of "Les Fleurs du Mal" and "Borges and Mathematics" qualifies as a wordly chick to me, (even if their chopstick skills are temporarily on hiatus). xo!

Spirited Earth said...

Hey are you lookin' at me..Ha,sorry that's what popped into my head upon seeing that eyeball necklace.
fingers crossed you will soon be back to your worldly girl skills with chopsticks.

~Debi said...

The eyeball is so cool!