You Guys!

I got this heart-in-hand pendant from the lovely and generous Sacred Cake- she got it from Spirited Earth right before my hand surgery:
(I think though the bead was just from Spirited Earth since I sent her a note saying how much I liked those faceted ceramic beads.)
Readbetween sent me some pitch for chasing and repousse and added a whole bunch of these lovelies.
Another etsian, Caroline, sent me a huge box. Here's some pix. Actually, tons of it is crochet. If anyone wants some crochet, I have more than I know what to do with. Maybe I'll use it to wrap packages.
1These earrings have nice dangles to detach.

2Big gorgeous and authentic vintage African glass.

3There are some vintage-looking earrings here w/pretty arab-y dangles that are cuter than they look here. I might just wear those. They're darker than this.

4If you like any of it, there's more beads than I could possibly use. Email me at marinrios@yahoo.com and tell me what you'd like. Click on pictures to  make them big. I've numbered them to make it easier.

5This says "rifle expert".

6Thing is, I never use seed beads.

7This rainbow one actually has a touch of milky translucency to it- it's really nice.

8These red buttons are all crackled but still very strong. Also there's purple bling.

9Sequined applique and an unusual something ethnic looking.

10These strippedy silver glass ones back there are prettier and vintage-ier than this photo conveys.

11Cubes of coral among other things.


13Wood and coral. Lots of old mop buttons.

14I'm digging this old fashioned glass.

15Lots of turquoise nuggets in pale green and, well, turquoise.


17Oh here's a close up of the stripys. Also some little African glass sand greens w/blue and yellow stripes.

18Lizard pin, big green rose.

19Hinge, flower bursts.

20Lots of pretty and big-ish buttons.

21This middle-eastern bell thing. Cherry quartz. New jade I think.
22I'm really liking these raw ones- tourmaline?

23And these - moss agate?

24These peachies are more faceted than they look.

25Pretty hanky, big oval quartz, more buttons.

26Another pile of crochet, some hardware.

27Big-hole smokey mops.

28Vintage frit glass babies. I'm really into these. And some jasper or agate coins in the background. Any of you do beachy or deserty things could use these.

29Giant white turquoise nugget on a fancy bail.

30A buncha old postcards.

31Oh- here's a better angle on the frit and coins. Also, a little opal angel or figure of some sort. I'm for sure keeping the frit, though.


Jackie said...

Hi, I'm Jackie. You don't know me, I just discovered you recently and so adore your work. I'm so inspired by your jewerly. Oh such lovely get well gifts from your lovely thoughtful friends. I do hope your recovery is going well.
...Jackie xo

Opulent Oddities said...

Hope your recovery is going well. You need to get back to work, full speed ahead!


steufel said...

Can't wait to see what you will do with all those pretties! Hopefully your recovery is going well!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Man you get some hauls!!

Regina Moore said...

Love reading your blog and your jewelry pieces are WONDERFUL! Hope you are feeling better soon!

~Debi said...

The heart in hand pendant is so fitting and the faceted ceramic bead is very cool!

Jackie said...

I hope today was better than yesterday!
...Jackie xo

owlparty said...

Looks like your fans are competing to see who can send you the best destash. Everybody wins!

Spirited Earth said...

;-) hehe

richelle said...

So--are you selling or trading? I'll trade.