Snitches Get Stitches

--removed! Tomorrow!
Above- a jar lid. Below- a lamp fixture of some sort. I think no more hammering these curved. I think they look better with their original shape of little plates and such. The ear wire is actually stainless steel memory wire sent in my latest surprise mail haul. It's so damn hard beyond hard that I didn't have to hammer it. Thank god! I just shaped it a bit with fingers and my artistic talent.

I was planning on having all kinds of photos and listing these 2 above and 1 below today until the fucking locket ate my life. I make and ripped out maybe 3 different collages, I messed with those little heart frames so much that when I closed the damn thing, the top of the locket was scratched to hell. I tried to fix it by oxidizing but the layer of gold is so thick it wont oxidize. I tried sanding it and now it just looks like some nutty brushed texture... oh well.

Here's a bezel in the works with a little trading card that  says, "S.23 Teresa No.69/ Empress of Brazil / 1889." I'm digging the ringlets.

And this will be a cuff. Two more classes til I'm free!!!


Flotsam Tide said...

Snitches get stitches... a great spin on a classic phrase. Those first two sets of earrings are so badass. Love them! Teresa looks so pensive with her curls. What a great focal.

stregata said...

Try using steel wool on the locket - that might restore some of the shine (I realize you are not a shiny kind of girl, but you can't oxidize gold...) - or you could try some faux patina - use umber paint and seal with a varnish or glaze...