Wait, one more.

Now I really am done til after the operation. Really. Mr. Lefty is on strike. Negotiations with the trade unions have stalled.The Titanomachy.The Titanomachy.
The Titanomachy.
I've also lowered some prices and it's already netted me a few sales from non-regulars. By far most my sales are to regulars. Looks like rolling my finished products in cocaine was a good decision after all.
(And to answer your query Stregata, I wore the cuff yesterday to try out how strong the bone was. It's the magic of e6000- I banged it around, put on and removed my jacket several times, and went about my day without even the slightest hint of loosening or tiniest sound of glue cracking. Also, the bone is a lot stronger and smaller than it looks, it doesn't seem to get hooked on anything and the bronze ring keeping it in place is rock hard. Your concerns are legitimate, I do want to make things that last forever. )


Regina said...

This is so striking, love it!

stregata said...

Thank you for taking the time to 'test drive' the cuff. Glad to know your magic is durable.
The new earrings are incredible - love the subtle flash of colour.
Again, wishing you the best for your surgery.

Pretty Things said...

GASP. Amazing.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Oh GOD I love how gloriously wonky and knackered these look!

Rolling things in cocaine- I DED FROM LOLZ.