Cutting Down.

The other day I said to my husband, "Did you feed Bingo?" Cuz our dog's nuts and you have to feed him his food on a spoon bite by bite or he hides behind the sofa when he sees it.

The Nine Worthies of Antiquity. Woven Leather Cuff with Vintage Rhinestone.
The Nine Worthies of Antiquity.
ANYWAYS- husband sez, "Are you joking? I was right next to you feeding him 5 minutes ago!"  I was on the computer etsying and had no idea what he was talking about.  That's not right, people.

The Cats Eye Nebula. Rustic Gypsy Labradorite Tribal Chocker.
The Cats Eye Nebula.
So, check it: I decided to cut down on my wellbutrin. It's making me way too obsessed and I can't deal anymore.

The Spectre of My Heart. Buddhist Reliquary Gypsy Tribal Assemblage Art Necklace.
The Spectre of My Heart.
I wanna be a regular person who can have conversations and meals and all that stuff.

Stupor and Storm. Raw Quartz Points and Rusty Tin Gypsy Earrings.
Stupor and Storm.
It's been a few days and I already feel less frantic and panicky about making listing and selling. I can go over to Mom's place and have a coffee and chat.

The Noosphere. Golden Gypsy Rustic Beaded Hoops with Lace.
The Noosphere.
Then there's the possibility that I just fall off my stride. Loose my mojo. Shit my pants.
OK, not the last one. But, on the bright side, there's the possibility I'll start flossing!


stregata said...

You are not going to lose your mojo, definitely not. But you need to take care of yourself - and of Bingo... so kudos for making a decision.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Closest I get to flossing is when I bite off a loose thread and it gets caught in my teeth.

All of that absent-minded stuff is par for the course of being an artist and having mental problems (some would say being an artist IS a mental problem) - I did the dishes the other night and couldn't remember cleaning half of them because I was so busy thinking about the possibilities of UTEE. Our mind is on higher things. Those last earrings make me clench my buttocks and make a funny noise.

amth13 said...

Yep that's so true when the artistic mojo's on heat daily chores are an irritant. But with a lovely autistic daughter and 2 needy cats I get to keep a perspective on life. Love those earring too. I just wish, sometimes with my mojo that I didn't have to resort to seducing it with a bit of alcohol and taking it round the back for a sound beating.

Corvid Delights said...

Umm I am still dying over here laughing at Sparrow's comment.... ok I am putting a lid on my immature giggling to say that the cat's eye nebula necklace is one of the most perfect things I have ever seen. Gah... and look at the beautiful leather with the decreipt rhinestone piece... nice! Aww you spoon feed your dog that is so sweet.

betweenreader said...

Double Gah, and being a fellow Wellbutrinite, I think I'll INCREASE the dose so I can make jewelry like Fanci does. I do know how it is when you learn to step around the chaos, avoid the dust bunnies and head straight to the workbench in your jammies with your morning coffee. You go to another world and don't take a break until 4pm, when it's too late to get dressed!