Previews that's what!

I had these beads that looked like this, but most of them were clear with gold accents:
I dipped them in UTEE and now look:

Oh and my bathroom is now the prettiest room in my house. (Note the toilet handle doesn't match.)

I can finally pee in style!


Little Brown Sparrow said...

Shower curtain? Towels? Pictures? Ornaments? Flowers? Need colour! Can't believe I just said that. I like the oldey style features and those awesome lamps over the mirror. I recommend getting some Moroccan shit to luxe it up. Sparrow has spoken.

I like the bleachy colours on that one with the hand on it!

richelle said...

I have those same white and silver beads. You made them look positively larval--I may try (copy) the utee dip.

Dale said...

ooo... those tin can bracelets are so lovely! I just love the scratchy texture. Fantastic job!!]

Michelle York said...

You are such a funny girl! 'pee in style!' indeed..That put a smile on my face. Every day when I look at what you're doing I am amazed at how your mind sees. Fascinating!

Spirited Earth said...

love the bathroom redo ..i'm surprised you don't get out the patina solution and go after that toilet handle. ;-)

Jennifer Valentine said...

OK sooooooooooooooo, you are going to give the hand (with the necklace attached of course) BACK to me?
oh, and nice bathroom....peeing in style has its advantages I imagine...

xoxox (Love to you Fanci)