(Note: in addition to the price of these lots, $5 priority shipping. 'Kay?) 

 Hi again. Here's the 2nd lot. Starts with this huge filigree square, very heavy.

Piece of rhinestone bracelet that you can disconnect the bars from and you end up w/bar connectors. Also, the piece on the lower left is a curtain clip.

Some awesome dyed fibers, some antique brass trim, plastic carved button, antique silver spoon. it has a small crack on the lower right of the head. Etched white antique buttons with broken shanks. Black fabric buttons. Faux pearls I've grunged. A big gorgeous amber round with numbers. Big rifle cartridges. A patinated star link.

A ginormous dark African disk bead, plastic turquoise hoops, intricate leather cutout. Citrine non-pierced tumbled nugget from Uruguay. A chunky black tourmaline. A verdigris enamel bead. Some gray/mauve Czech rounds, long stone pendants.

A bunch of oxidized bead caps. A vintage French beaded petal, a little shoe charm. A bunch of little whitish buttons, a tigereye tumble, some little bright kitchy flower clusters. A vintage "B" charm. Some yellow African glass and those stone pendants are really lovely! 

Crochet purple flowers. More unpierced tigereye tumbles from Uruguay. Gleaming!
A vintage clay pipe found in London's famous River Thames. A shell coil drop. A vintage flower brooch. An amazing peach blue/gold/red/teal enamel cross, large. A long wooden bead.

Some recycled golden recycled glass beads. Magenta tumble. Vintage glass and plastic buttons. Coyote fang, long bone connector, brass chain with lilac plastic links. Black and white swirl glass beads.

A strand of puffy antique celluloid sequins, though not the other stuff seen here.
Black and silver rose trim. Heavy chandelier crystals. Tiny pearly shank button set. Complete alphabet rubber stamp set. Used once. I really like the font, actually. Good for collages.

A big brass bass or maybe viola? A few bamboo tiles, a brass stamping of 3 monkeys. A variety of vintage acrylic sew-ons. 2 white tooth beads. 4 clear glass drops w/red bits. A big glass lens from Uruguay from the estate of an ophthalmologist. They are of the greatest magnification I could find, I don't know if you can tell. Thick green coral bead. Tiny quartz crystal nuggets.

Two long black ancient fossils. These are real, from the era before animals existed, from before even flowers had evolved. A petrified piece of wood. A length of plastic beads on wire in orange and yellow. Gray/mauve Czech rounds.

Muskrat skull. Pristine. Dyed ribbons.

Hand-carved bone pendants. Nugget silvery beads, teal tulips. Little bullet casings. Black woven leather cord.
But wait! There's more!

Here's some nugget beads and some fibers, including a hand-dyed vintage glove with the fingers cut off.


Giant round metal found object with top of a vintage spool affixed to it. And a couple strands of some kind of stone drops finished with African glass ribbed beads. Giant brass brad. Glass link on ripped silk with metal drop.

Here's a coin pendant showing some Masonic imagery.

Old grungy scapular. Little rhinestone piece.

Here's the weirdest part of this lot. A length of vintage bandages on which I have glued flattened, rusty found bottle caps. On those, little images from very old school books and a picture dictionary. Over that, utee. Oh yeah, my love affair with this stuff goes waaaaay back.

Here, a couple Tim Holtz pins, a gorgeous blue glass dangle, pink aluminum chain, brass and lilac plastic chain. Also, I totally fucked up this photo. As much as these pieces are nuts and maybe not so great, they're a hell of a lot greater than this.
Also, I wanted to thank you guys. Your funny comments are making my mom actually read this blog! She's all, "Your fans are smart ladies!" Except read that in a cute hispanic accent.  Her favorite comment was Regina's "We need earrings!" Which I didn't even get til she said it. Then I was like goddamn! How'd I miss that?

Of course, my fave was from ChelseaGenerally, first comments from a long-time lurker should be some sort of praise for the created theeengs, but what I really felt compelled to say was "I refuse to believe that we need the mosquitoes!" Also, of course, I'm as usual awed and impressed by the way you continue to be able to make earrings interesting. You inspire me.
I didn't hear anything after "lurker." I was wandering around my house with my chest all puffed out saying "I have lurkers! My blog's so big, it has lurkers!" My hubs is all, "But you knew that for however many followers, there's several times more viewers or whatever."
"Yeah, but... I have LURKERS! Long-time lurkers! Just never thought of it that way, you know?"
"Yeah, honey. I'm very proud of you."
"She even used my lingo! She said 'theeengs'!"
"You're a trend setter! A harbinger!"
"Yeah! I'm an enigma wrapped inside an enema!"
Totally not true. My husband wouldn't know a word like harbinger if it came up and tongue kissed his brain.

(But now I'm left wondering- Do we need mosquitos? What the hell roll do they play in the circle of life? But under that criteria we certainly don't need humans. It's an enigma wrapped inside my ass!)


Little Brown Sparrow said...

Hoomans are for looking after kitties and we're *supposed* to be generally keeping things tidy and hunting/eating the more useless of the animals, but we got outta control. Mosquitos we really don't need at all. I don't think we need flies either really, just more vultures or stoats or something. And then invent more pretty beetles who's only job it is is to look pretty and get eaten by things that usually eat flies.

I might need to purchase lot B.

stregata said...

The world needs mosquitos - they serve as food for frogs and fish and dragonflies... and maybe we are here to feed the mosquitos, when we aren't looking after kittens. Which puts us in a totally new perspective, as far as the 'crown of creation' is concerned...

Lorelei Eurto said...

i hate mosquitos. that's really all i can add about that.
i admit I've been lurking a long time.

I want to come over and root around in all of your schtuff.

Anonymous said...

Is lot A taken? If not, I'd like to take it. You can contact me at stripedsocks242 at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

shibui said...

Is Lot A or B taken? I'll take it if not!


Chelsea said...

Hee hee. And of course, now I'm all excited and running around the house telling the fish (who are the only ones home), "I evoked a reaction from fancifuldevices!"

Also, the fish agree with me on the mosquito front.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I WANT IT ALL! I AM GONNA DIE RIGHT NOW! How do I get it? How much? Did I miss it? Friggin' vacay made me miss it? Help? Gimme. Please ;)

Dale said...

ooo i would have bought lot b for sure! I need me a nice spoon, and that one would have been perfect.

Do you have any other spoons kicking around? Need one soft enough to make a bracelet. I live in South Korea, and could get you something special from here. I'd be happy to swap/purchase! (this applies to anyone who sees this comment!)