A look back.

Palgolak.So right at the end of March/beginning of April this year, I went off to my little ol' Uruguay to gather up supplies. While I was looking for something in my sold section, it started dawning on me all the stuff I've made and sold since then. Or even before then! So, but, yeah for whatever reason I started strolling back through memory lane- since on the interwebs several months is a lifetime, and looking at stuff that sold rather quickly, before I had a chance to quite absorb them in my memory. So, since all my studio's packed up while it's bathroom is being remodeled, I thought I'd share.Sorrow Bones. Buddhist Reliquary.
Our Lady of Unbearable Seeing. Handmade Milagro Cuff.I should make a few more embossed metal bits, they turn out very rich looking.
Greifs. Buddhist Reliquary.These Buddha reliquaries were a huge hit.
Dark Matter.Aww, I'd forgotten about this little guy. Oh, Sparrow just revealed to me anything with teeth freaks her out so much she usually can't look at it! I mean, I wanted them a bit creepy, but, wow.
Longevity and the Pharaoh.Oh I forgot this one! I liked this one.
The Throngs.And this one. 
Light Vessel.And this one! This one was special.
Oracle. Buddhist Reliquary.
Set a Fire. Reliquary with Found Poetry.Like I said, these were quite the hit.
The Years.These surprised me how fast they sold.
Nubivagant.Aww! the little bird was from Opulent Oddities. And the charms from Uruguay...
Almacantar.Oh this is from an old rosary.
Thus Solemnly Declared. Reliquary with Found Poetry.Another of these!

Embaphium.So this was the first of the reliquaries, but I removed the little Buddha and filled it w/these gorgeous little apples that had not holes.

Molrowing. Double Wrap Cuff.The 2 red dog collar double wraps I made popular, too.

Blindsight. Cuff.I totally intended to make more like this. Again, this involves embossing some of that thin metal. OH! I could do some of this while I'm without a studio! Wow, I'm a geeeenius.

Lococession.Man, I love me my simplicity when it works out. Those raw chunky tourmalines were a gift- a totally unexpected, free gift. I know, all gifts are free, duh. But I'm still shocked when I get supplies for free. Gifts are supposed to be, like, a fugly sweater from Mom for Christmas. My mom who I love, respect and owe my very existence to, of course.

Cosmogyral.Very ethnic look.

Cagastric. RESERVED for cassa1.I was surprised to sell these rather fast.

Magophony.Oh, yay, tooth. Sorry, Sparrow.

A Party of Owls. RESERVED for owlparty.And these- don't they just look like they were meant to be? Like all those parts were destined to end up together? Even though the faceted beads weren't even from the same maker!

Lugent.Oh, this one several people wanted a remake of. I could do a sorta remake... I should.

To Ecstasiate the Ephydriad. RESERVED for shessoweird.This one was so fun and effortless.

Salute. Leather Cuff with Knight.Chunky guy.

Canitude. Asymmetrical Dangles with Glass Frit.Oh, yay... totally forgot these.

Divinipotent. Victorian Tribal, Rustic Gypsy Assemblage Necklace with Aquamarine Gemstones.This was a big ol' thang. Head and cup from same amazing gift box as those rough tourmaline.

Montivagant.Chunky chunk chunk!

Pamphagous. Oh, hi guys, I remember you.

Cosmogyral Nepheliad. And you! I had Momma and Baby Eskimo forever. Did you know in Canada, where most eskimo live, the term 'eskimo' isn't considered at all offensive? Because if you call them 'Inuit'- they're not all Inuit!

RESERVED for CorvidDelights.CorvidDelights snapped these up before they were even listed.

Inocciduous.Oh, hello little mate guys!

The Stone of Sisyphus.And the rough geode gemstone minerals... Time to pull some more of those out to incorporate.

Blindsight. Cuff.This one was weird. I just glued it together because this was when my hands were killing me too much to really use. Except those hooks connected to the ribbon base I'd had forever, quite ready to toss.

Mirror Neurons and the Growth of Culture. RESERVED for 0storm0.Couldn't find the picture without the 'Reserved" lettering. OK, I didn't actually look. Too lazy.

War Madrigals. RESERVED for 0storm0.Ditto. Man! I should try making some more chain like this.

Blindsight. Cuff. Loved this leather bookmark.
Land of the Lords of Brightness. Bronze Bell Earrings with Quartz.Hello little twinklers!

Aarti. Earrings.Hi there!

The Fraudulent Twin.Oh, yeah, these sold crazy fast. I should try something like this again. What would I use for the focals?

Animal Sacrifice. Earrings.I was also surprised at how many people liked these. I mean, I never know. Something I think is brilliant stagnates in the shop forever and vice versa.

Elizabeth. Religious Medals, Pyrite and Gold dipped Amethyst Druzy Slab.Oooo! lookit! Leeettle things! Man, those stone slices!

Sun Souled Lucifer. Earrings.Here's another that was snapped up by Corvid. She went earring crazy for a while. I miss having all those tiny medals. I thought I had an over abundance. Next time, I'll have to get even more tiny things.

The Angel of Spheres. Neck Piece.Awwww! This one was special. I actually had it mostly made before leaving for Uruguay. I need to get more cord next time too. I know, you can get it here, too. It just feels special from there.

How did our people come to exist. White Dangles.Another pair Corvid got. The little squares and birds were from a cheap little bead store in U.

Landschap. EarringsOH! These were the very 1st thing I made when I got back. I'm still keeping a pair of these beaded beads and I think I have more of those glass buttons.

Chain of Being. Pyrite in Quartz in Tart Tin.This was actually from before I left.

Chain of Being. Pyrite in Quartz in Tart Tin.It was when my hands were killing me and I was supposed to be laying off them.

When Stars Explode. Oversized Gemstone Nuggets.And this one was before leaving too. Squeee! Look at it! Man, I need to try something without a focal again. That's just a neat idea.

Hashishin. The Cult of Assassins. Tin Earrings. I gotta make more tin earrings. Like these mamma-jammas.

Wonder Room. Victorian Tribal Neckwear.And this one. I whipped it up surprisingly fast. Though it's too... For right now I'm thinking of something more primitive.

Wonder Room. Victorian Tribal Neckwear.Still. Pretty damn cute.

OK, thanks for putting up with this totally self-indulgent extended nonsense. Just that these were bought way fast, so... I'll stop.  You can all get back to your families and jobs now.


Regina said...

Enjoyed the walk down memory lane!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I love doing this - I was doing it the other day because I was out of inspiration and wanted to steal some ideas off myself. It's great looking at old designs and then re-interpreting them using different materials. I get surprised too at what sells- some stuff sells so fast and I think 'damn, I wasn't finished enjoying that yet!'.

Please be advised, there were too many body parts in this post.

Michelle York said...

That was so enjoyable..A trip through your mind. You put so much in your art pieces. I could never do what you do but I can enjoy it and I will purchase a piece when I am able.

Aqua Junko Artworks said...

Loved looking at your pieces...they are very inspiring for me. I am glad you pieces sell -- I sometimes think if I make something no one will ever like it but me. Lori

Jane Perala said...

Thanks for letting us have a peek see at your past goodies - I LOVE that last piece!

Corvid Delights said...

Wow what an amazing catalog of work. Look at how productive you have been.. each piece stands alone as an exemplary singular piece of art. For as many sets of earrings I have gotten there are still so many wonderful pieces that I covet. Your leather bracelets are so pretty. Congratulations on such a successful year.

Jennifer Valentine said...

everything is always so decadent and creative! love it all...
i was just tripping down memory lane myself as i was re-hanging up all of the necklaces i've collected from you, my dear....
just love every single creation.