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So I'mna show you the grungy goodness I got in the mail yesterday from my etsy-besty Sparrow. Here's just a few images of the lot:
This piece of etched measuring tape is connected to a hinged link- ready to be made right into a bracelet. Right after I curved it as you see.

Giant crystal things, including a bottle stopper, if you can make it out. Also stained glass!

Theengs. A hammered piece of Indian bangle w/bead happened to land on this big link and right away a light clicked- toggle! Also, 3 all-white cord chains!

More white goodies. More frosting tips for giant bead caps!

I'm crazy over these fat square African dangles. And look at those mercury glass icicles- squeeeee! Beyond that there are 2 gorgeous dangles.  Also thick cord already capped for my convenience. And these giraffe stones that I actually had sent to her ages ago! And I didn't have any left and so needed gray things! And the little carved guy is actually a buddha bent down cradling his face in his hands.

Grungy primitive goodness. Hyperventilation time. These stones are ancient, and right next to them are these awesome polymer grungies! I love mixing things like this. And this brooch is inscribed with '1942'. Hey, that's when WWII started. I really like these big wooden guys, too.

These peacock tail bits in the upper corner. Little sewn pieces.

A tiny vial of awesome pearls but you cant tell they're awesome through the vial... But then an intricate something behind that, lots of cool mesh chain, I don't know what.

Big-ass Hamsa hand. This piece of tekk... I can't remember how you say it- It's a METEORITE! 


 Oh, tons of fibers, but here's just my faves. You can't tell but the black velvet is totally worn off, which actually made me start making noises that had my husband yelling up to me "What is it? What's wrong?" Big-ass crystal that is proly too huge to be of any use. Triangular tart tin. Say that 5 times fast. More stones and things.

Oh, and an almost complete cuff that I already cut up before even taking pictures because I was so in love with the strip part. 

And a gorgeous opalescent buckle that I've already connected to some wrapped cord.
Well, there's lots more but I'm too overwhelmed.

So you know what happens now- oversupplypanic! 
So it's massive destash time.
The following pictures will heretofore be referred to as LOT A and will be available to whoever fancies it for $40. Just cuz I can't handle it doesn't mean it aint good stuff.

Here we see some dyed vintage crochet and rags. New crochet flowers, tiny French beaded flowers, metal vintage wreath, uruguayan coin, pearlized drops, luster leaves, rustic golden yellow beads, some kind of drops of some sort, ceramic grey and white beads, buttons and tiny chandelier crystals, bone piece, thick copper chain, rhinestone piece, scapular.

Eight thin acrylic squares that you can use instead of glass to make pendants. They're how I cheat! A grungy oxidized hoop etched w/flowers, black shank rhinestone button, fat faux pearl in setting, natural, tumbled hematite nugget from Uruguay, not pierced. Blue epoxy drops. African spotted glass bead.

Some crazy colorful bits including MOP daggers, plastic buttons in pink shimmer, faux amber, turquoise nugget, glass somethings. More un-pierced nuggets- gleaming tigereye, amethyst. Chandelier crystal, red beaded bead.

 Black/brown vintage plastic beads. Pearlized ivory strawberries. Oxidized vintage chain. Plastic pearly 6-ball star things. A variety of bullets.

Coral chips, round foil-back piece. Grungy shell piece, fuzzy pink Japanese beads. Filigree corner, thick rusty found coil. MOP buckle. Teal acrylic tulips. This super heavy piece of antique hardware from Uruguay.

Teal hoops, tiny light bulbs.

 Wait. I think I mentioned these already. The mint buttons I painted them with nailpolish!

Antique ribbon w. green velvet. Gorgeous found turtle shell.

This stuff. Including antique scapular and leather cut-out.

Single hand-dyed cut vintage glove. Heavy African glass tubes. Acrylic crystals, 'sugared' some kind of fruit. A lovely stone pendant. A length of grey/mauve Czech rounds.

More African beauties, found rhinestone pieces, a ring that I've oxidized and set with a vintage leather button. 

Some colorful bits.

Antique puffy sequins made of cellulose. 

A big fat swivel clasp and bone.

A bunch of oxidized bead caps, white freshwater potato pearls, hand made wrapped paper beads. 2 round settings, 2 plastic cameo ladies. Red glass drops, metal red beads, tiny coral rounds. Faux pearls hand-grunged using my secret method. (That being acrylic paint and water.)

A coyote fang, a collection of oxidized cord chain lengths, buttons, glow-y white Victorian bugle beads. Tiny blue guys, purple and pink connector and drop with acrylic stones. Black Czeck leaves.

Big primitive black rounds, African yellow glass, 4 plastic white tooth-like beads. A white ear piece thing. 2 cobalt 3-leaf Czech drops. A blue heart thing.

A roll of non-tarnish copper wire, 4 bamboo tiles, 2 more chandelier crystals, a stuffed heart. Then the thing on top is a round piece with three pierces. You can put something in it that is special but you don't know how to connect it, put it in there, affix a round piece of mica or acrylic sheet (some of you scrapbookers might have one) over it and you have a bezel! 

A variety of drops and sew-ons.

5 pretty rhinestone bar connectors, a little thimble charm. Several big black vintage buttons. And also some more textiles which are beautiful but you'll just have to take my word on that, I'm not taking any more pictures. 

I can't handle listing the second lot quite yet. I'm burnt out! I think I'll list it later tonight. I know any of you looking for destash lots will wanna see what's in both before saying you want one. But it's also 1st come 1st serve, so there's that. Is this going to end up the longest blog post ever?


Little Brown Sparrow said...

Ooh now I get to walk you through, I should send notes of what's what. The metal measure tape came from a roll that belonged to the chief engineer's office in Leeds- imagine all the awesome buildings and bridges it helped make? The painted piece of stained glass is Victorian (all the stained glass is actually).

The african dangles are from Ethiopia, the polymer grungies are from shipwreckdandy- she sent me a bunch and they were ones I couldn't get to sit right on my stuff, but I knew they'd be super genius in your work.

The tiny vial beads are hematite, and the big-ass crystal actually fits almost perfect into the triangle tart tin next to it, I thought it would make a neat bezel for it and would obscure the chip.

Also- that's a lotta shit for $40. I'm tempted but I got enough supplies right now. Must resist!

Regina Moore said...

WOW! I'll take 'em both! Seriously, if you haven't already sold them, I want it all!
reginamoore @ att . net

richelle said...

My polymer beads are quite the wanderers.