I love questions!
Jackie: It's 'who', not 'whom'. How do you know? Use 'whom' as the object of a preposition. (HU?) A preposition, as you've all forgotten several decades ago, is a word like to, in, at, on, from, for. So here's some examples:
Agate - Agate Micro Faceted Rondelles - 15mm - 15 Inch Strand - 23PiecesTo whom it may concern
The leader in whom we trust
The man at whom the pie was thrown (OK, please don't ever use such roundabout constructions as this. We're American, damnit. Direct and to the point. Then go eat some batter-fried bacon.)
For whom the bell tolls
OK, you get the idea.

<--Richelle, the bead is agate... It did look rather nice in the pictures, hu? I'm just as surprised as you

I got a new clean, spacious space!


<--After, bitches!

<-- Check out the big empty floor. See the burn marks lower right? That's from my heat gun. Friggin' utee.

So I wanted to share some wall displays I made of some of Sparrow's insane photography.
Here's the one with the smaller pieces:

But my favorite is the one with the big ones:
And yeah, the photo at the bottom of each grouping is repeated, but I just really loved it and they needed that exact amount for a pleasing cluster.
What else?
I packed up EIGHT items yesterday people. Just sayin'.


Michelle York said...

This has to be my favorite posting! You are amazing!! I never know what I'm going to find when I open your blog. Bound to put a smile on my face for sure. Pat on the back for the eight items.

Michelle York said...

Not to forget those amazing beads. I think it's great that you tell the where's and what's about your supplies/suppliers.

Shay Stone said...

Loving the humor and the gorgeous space!

Jackie said...

I've been schooled...and I thank you!! I'll never get who/whom incorrect again. I'm lovin' your ultra clean spacious space...I'm inspired. I'm gonna attack my mess and see if I can find some spacious space. Love your wall displays, Sparrow sure has a way with a camera. I think I'll pass on the batter-fried bacon! :o)

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I love seeing pics of your studio!! It's so pretty- and lookit that shelf with all your finished bits on!! Makes my shoe box under the desk look a little sad.

I love that you love my photography. I'd love to love my photography as much as you love it. I'm a hard ass bitch on myself.

Sidereal Day said...

Awesome, that is the only explanation of how to use who/whom that I've actually understood (I can be a wee bit thick).
Fabulous job with the tidying!
Love Sparrows photos, she really has an eye for it doesn't she.

stregata said...

The new spacious space is astounding - I wonder how long you will be able to keep it that way? Love the lighting.

Lela said...

Just found you tonight...love the work, the blog & the humor. I'll be back. :)