Mojoing along

Dark Matter. Gypsy Tribal Hot Pink and Black Fossil Chocker.Dark Matter.

The Numbers of God. Gypsy Rustic Beaded Hoops with Lace.

The Numbers of God. The Numbers of God. Gypsy Rustic Beaded Hoops with Lace.

Animal Wife. Rustic Gypsy Tribal Assemblage Dangle Earrings.
Animal Wife. 

Give up the Ghost. Shabby Chic Assemblage Dangle Earrings.
Give up the Ghost.

Belphegor. Rustic Gypsy Hot Pink and Black Chocker with Fossil and Opal.
Y'all I am feeling sooooo lazy. I can't think of anything else to say ...


richelle said...

I love your handmade wire bezels. I've been making some too, but my technique is so overly intricate that I'm already burned out with it. I'm going to try something based on what you've done here--I love how open it is on both sides. Is it sooooo secure?

Michelle York said...

You are such an artist!

shibui said...

I just love your work! I was just wondering if you don't mind sharing. What type of wire are you using? Is it all sterling silver that has been blackened or some other types. Are your earwires silver? You just get such a nice patina on your work. Thanks for your many posts of eye candy.