Enki of the Water of Life. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Assemblage Earrings.
Enki of the Water of Life.
Hi ladies. So I got some questions in the comments. 
Shibui, the wire for the bezels was brass. The earwires are copper and the ones with the little ball ends are sterling plated over ... copper? I get my awesome patina using Jax. I used to use Novacan, which just takes a teeny bit more. I pour a bit into the cap then brush it on with a paintbrush. When using Novacan (which I recommend at 1st since it's cheaper and less corrosive) copper takes a couple more layers than brass.  Or a couple more seconds. Steel is the easiest thing to oxidize so I use a lot of that. Plus you can get steel from the hardware store.

To Weave my Mystic Crown. Rustic Gypsy Assemblage Earrings with Vintage Religious Medals.To Weave my Mystic Crown.
As for the strength, Richelle, the brass wire is thick (16 gauge I think, maybe 14) and it's hammered. It's super strong. Actually, the stone itself is more likely to break than the wire is to get loose. But then, only if you take a hammer to it. And why would you do that, Richelle, why?

To Weave my Mystic Crown. Rustic Gypsy Assemblage Earrings with Vintage Religious Medals.So yeah, the key is really thick wire. I should tell you I got my inspiration from Brenda Schweder who I was turned on to by readbetween. There's lotsa pictures of her stuff on her facebook photo page. (Sorry, this is her jewelry's facebook page.)The Sole Nobility. Rustic Gypsy Assemblage Dangle Hoop Earrings.
The Sole Nobility.

The Sole Nobility. Rustic Gypsy Assemblage Dangle Hoop Earrings.

I was recently thanked for favoriting someone's stuff, lots of people see my faves in my blog or in their activity feed, I was told, and that would give them exposure. It's funny because now I'm so aware of folks seeing what I heart that it's more a performance than a personal catalogue. I never want to favorite findings or something I just want to bookmark. I favorite things I feel need to be seen! So that's weird. On the other hand, my most favorite person to see their picks in my activity feed is beadsnbones, who is constantly favoriting tons of supplies! Because, you know, I use supplies. So a big shout out to her!
Whether a Mote or a Star. Pink Shabby Chic Vintage Button Earrings.
Whether a Mote or a Star.
What else?
Oh, my attempt to cut down my Wellbutrine was a total failure. I'd forgotten how much I hated being horrifically incapacitatingly lazy every minute of every day. At least when only focus on jewelry I'm doing something. My husband said just take it, be happy with my obsession and forget about the whole normal person/personal hygiene thing...

Whether a Mote or a Star. Pink Shabby Chic Vintage Button Earrings.

My husband is the best. He hangs out with my parents when they're bored so I can stay here making, looking at people's faves and watching stuff like this gem CorvidDelights sent me.

Sigh. I miss my students.


shibui said...

Thanks for let me know about your stuff. I was concerned about using copper for earwires with the chemical and all but I take it you haven't had anyone say that their ears turned funky right?
Take the meds. Makes you fell better and since you have a husband that likes how you are so much the better.
Have a great weekend. Thanks


Regina said...

I am one of your visitors who checks out your favorites, you seek out the unusual and that I like.

stregata said...

Giggle - I have been wondering when you would miss your students...
Your creativity continues to delight me...

Corvid Delights said...

Oh the pointy boots... these earrings are spectacular! I love those glass frits and vintage buttons. The delicate rose quartz beads are mesmerizing.

Corvid Delights said...
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Jennifer Valentine said...

ok seriously? so you just called me weird. gee thanks.
and I thought we were friends or something.
(leaves in a huff)

richelle said...

I purchased her Steel Wire jewelry book a couple weeks ago! I meant to tell you that she's using steel for earwires--I remember you asked about that a while ago. The book advises to just clean and wax as normal. I tried it, but I'm not satisfied with the outcome.

donna said...

Love! :)

Aqua Junko Artworks said...

How COOL those boots--that's wild. Thanks for posting it. And of course your work is wonderful as always!!