Giveaway winner and other things.

So I thought I'd print out the names of my giveaway contenders and hold them out to my dog. I was hoping that after a sniff or two, one would get stuck to his wet shnozzle. Instead he just aimed his muzzle at the heel of my palm and gave it a deep and happy tongue bath. So instead I tossed them all up in the air and caught one: NuminosityBeads.
So email me at marinarios@yahoo.com with your address to get your special earrings, Numi!

In other news, here's some stuff-
The Heliopause. Victorian Tribal Sci Fi Choker.
The Heliopause. Victorian Tribal Sci Fi Choker.

The Heliopause. Victorian Tribal Sci Fi Choker.Oh yeah, I wrote victorian tribal sci fi in the title. I'm shameless. And I'm not sure which picture should be first, again.

The Heliopause. Victorian Tribal Sci Fi Choker.But I'm pleased with this one. It's got a nice balance of styles but in a simple piece. Oh yeah, I'm all about the balance.

Spirare. Violet Earrings.This one only has those top seeds on the tribal side, so I'm not sure.

These have lotsa oxidation to pull it toward the rustic side.
Oh-  I have a new oxidizer! Oh yeah, this is big, people. It's this stuff called JAX but you have to pay a 'bio-hazard' shipping fee of $25 per bottle! Above and beyond the actual shipping fee, I mean. I got 2 bottles. And yeah, I clicked 'order' before fully realizing that. But it friggin' works on friggin' aluminum! Or as my mom would say, aluminium.

Aarti. Earrings.

Sun Souled Lucifer. Earrings.Sun Souled Lucifer.
Here it is with fancy effects:
Sun Souled Lucifer. Earrings.

Sun Souled Lucifer. Earrings.What else? I have no idea what those big seeds(?) are.
Imna put together another lot of goodies to sell here, so keep an eye out folks.


~Debi said...

omgosh, $50 a bottle!?!? yikes! But working on aluminum? Awesometastic!

stregata said...

Bio-hazard, huh? Shiver....
I don't know what those big seeds or pods are either - but I do know they are awesome!!!

steufel said...

Aluminium be aware she is coming after you:-)

Jennifer Valentine Morford said...

what the hell?????I missed a giveaway?
imma check out that Jax tho....
love your new things as always...and I want to make some long chain earring things too...only mine won't be as awesome as yours........sigh.

Numinosity said...

I finally got hooked up to my internet enough to finally find this post. We were in transit form Arizona to Alaska
this week so I missed it.
Thanks! and the address is coming to you via etsy convo.
xoxo Kim